This recipe is so easy, it’s not really a recipe.  I normally like to make all my seasonings and spices from scratch, but I know I wouldn’t come close to making this jerk seasoning myself.

My instagram daughter gave this seasoning to me a while back.  It’s got the most interesting and unique and FLAVORFUL spicy flavor – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.  And guess what the first ingredient is?  ONION!   Onion, scotch bonnet pepper, salt, scallion, cane vinegar, garlic, pimento, thyme, sugar, caramel and sodium benzoate as a preservative.

I’ve seen it at Walmart and Meijer in the Mexican aisle.  The instructions suggest using it as a rub by using an ounce of the seasoning per pound of meat, rub in well and leave in for a minimum of two hours.  I am going to try that one day.  But I’ve literally just cooked my chicken and in the last minute, stirred in one tablespoon of the seasoning.  That’s it!

Side note:  the seasoning is only 10 points per tablespoon, so I don’t count points for that.  😀

I used three El Milagro tortillas – which is a brand local to Chicago – my Sam’s Club sells them for .34 cents a 10 count package.  So good.  The base of these taquitos is a heaping tablespoon of fat free refried beans, the jerk chicken, and then I split 1.25 ounces of Trader Joe’s lite cheese between all three – making these tacos 5 points for 3 – 4 points for the tortillas and 1 point for the cheese.

Please remember to microwave your corn tortillas for about 30-40 seconds before putting in the filling – that makes them pliable and they won’t split in the air fryer.  I baked these for 8-9 minutes at 360 – flipping after the first 4 minutes.

I forgot to take a picture of the spray last night, but I sprayed my tacos with this Chipotle Chosen Foods avocado spray – the same spray I used on my blackened popcorn chicken.  I’ve only been able to find that flavor online.  So good!  I’ve gotten several tips that the plain avocado oil is at Costco for 2/$5.99 which is a great price – I belong to Sam’s Club so I need to see if those are available there too.

I had 2 points of Wholly Guacamole for dipping and 4 points for wine because, um, Wine Wednesday!!  Ha!  So this spread was 11 smart points.

These were so good – I could only eat two though.  I quite possibly could eat these every day and not get sick of them.  Mom, do you know if Aunt Martha has an air fryer?!  These may need to be made at the River House this summer.

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!