Lately I’ve been getting lots of questions on what to bring to a BBQ that is WW friendly.  We’ve all been there.  You go into a party and tell yourself that you are going to have the grilled chicken, fresh fruit, and one cocktail, and then second you get there and smell the burgers and someone says “what kind of cheese do you want on your burger?” and before I give it a second thought I yell “cheddar please!”

Well I am thrilled that Safe + Fair has extended their offer to me for 25% percent off their ALL their products PLUS free shipping until the end of June.  So I decided to put together for you a WW friendly BBQ board where the star of the board is these blackened shrimp chips using the Sea Salt Pea Protein Chips.

This whole board is only NINE points.  So if you just brought it, and kept it to yourself, you’ll be good.  But isn’t it nice to share?

I made a super simple blackening sauce – if you are a spice whore like I am, you probably already have all the ingredients on hand.  I bought the small shrimp at Aldi – $4.99 a bag and I only used half the bag for this board, so they cooked up in just a couple minutes.

The chips are only 2 Smart Points for 28 grams – which is between 23-30 – so weigh them out.  Check out these stats:  each serving is only 110 calories

Pea Protein Chips: 9-10g of Plant Based Protein Per Serving (Depending on the flavor), Gluten Free, Non GMO
Popcorn Quinoa Chips: Plant Based, Made with Ancient Grains, Gluten Free, Non GMO

I’ve talked about it before, but unless you live RIGHT NEXT to where you can get fresh shrimp, your most cost effective way to buy shrimp is frozen.  Yes, you’ll see “fresh” shrimp at places like Whole Foods – or even Jewel, but if you look real hard, in tiny letters on the price per pound placard, says “previously frozen.”  They defrosted the shrimp for you and you pay extra for that convenience. 

And these shall shrimp were small so they defrosted in a bowl of water in about five minutes.

I sprayed the shrimp with a bit of avocado oil, then tossed them in the blackening spice, then cooked for about 1 minute a side – that’s it!

I brushed a bit of a single pack of wholly guacamole (3) between all 25 chips that I got for one serving (2) so all these blackened shrimp bites if you ate them all would only be 5 points.  The nuts in the bowl are 3 points, and the ranch dressing for dipping the tomatoes in, is only 1 point.  

I made some blackened chicken on the side with my zero point BBQ sauce for dipping – I’ll be posting that BBQ sauce recipe later this week – so good!

The best part is that these bites are good right when you make them, but I also let them sit out for a while to see if the chip got soggy and it didn’t.  Hannah’s friend came over 45 minutes after I made them, so they were room temperature and I think she ate at least half a dozen if not more.  She loved them!


Click here to start saving on your Safe + Fair order – you will love these chips (and all their other products!) – pinky swear. 

Stay tuned next week when I use the popcorn quinoa chips to make super crunchy tenders in my air fryer – can’t wait to see how those turn out!

Happy Monday friends – make it a great day!