I had a taste for sausage when I was on the train yesterday.  I thought of going to my favorite breakfast bar/salad bar place Beatrix, but my frugal self said – you have food at work – eat that!

I brought some leftovers for lunch, but needed to add a protein.  I got up early to cook up a chicken breast to go with my lunch, but it had already spoiled.

Jenn and I went to her WW meeting – our old neighbor is the leader – I haven’t seen her in person in probably 18 years?  Ironically, when Jenn and I both lost 70 pounds when we lived in a two flat together back in 1999-2000, our loss sparked Georgia to join WW and she not only lost the weight, has kept it off and has worked for WW for the last 15 years.

We decided to stop by the food court in the lobby of the Chase building.  Um, whoever came up with the idea of having warm cookies at the ready is a genius – it was all I could do not to put half a dozen in a bag. 

I got chips and salsa and roasted chicken and some veggies off the salad bar, and decided to make kind of a taco salad.

I used the salsa as dressing – this was tasty!  I measured out an ounce of chips.  Then had to pour water over the remainder of the chips because I wanted to eat them all. šŸ˜›

I bought a giant head of cauliflower to make this pork chop and cauliflower puree, but I never felt like pork chops this week.  So I decided to make buffalo cauliflower bites.

I did a double dip of almond milk, flour, almond milk, flour.  Then sprayed with chipotle avocado spray.

I am loving these avocado sprays.  I find a couple flavors at Jewel, I haven’t looked at Walmart yet (going to check that out this weekend) but you can buy them online too.

I cooked them at 360 for 7 minutes, then 400 for the last 5 minutes.  Super crispy!!  Now at this point you could leave them like that and dip them into the buffalo sauce – they would probably stay crunchy longer that way.

But I tossed mine in about 2 tablespoons buffalo sauce and garnished with a teaspoon of crumbled blue cheese, and threw the rest of the Brussels sprouts left over from my dinner with Vic on Monday in the air fryer for a delicious meatless dinner.

This was so good!  I could probably eat this dish at least once a week and not get sick of it.  But then I love buffalo everything šŸ˜€


I’ve got a lot of recipes to do this weekend:  Certified Angus Beef, Safe + Fair, to name a couple.  

You’ll want to come back Monday because my friends at Safe + Fair have given me another discount code for June – I never know from month to month if I’ll get it back.  Monday I will be showcasing your go to WW friendly charcuterie board starring Safe + Fair’s pea protein chips – you won’t want to miss it!

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!