I am loving these Lavash wraps.  And I just found a Pinterest board with all the things you can do with them – can’t wait to try these!  Two smart points for the whole thing – only 18 grams of carbs, 1o net carbs.  They are soft, slightly chewy and delish, and make my egg white/cheese/romaine breakfast burrito only 5 smart points.

5.17.17 008

Work was busy and before I knew it, it was time to meet my sister at Macy’s to meet Kristin Kish.  We both would have thought that she would have been on the 7th floor because that’s where they usually do Chef demonstrations, but we got there and it was completely empty.

5.17.17 010

Turns out she was in the Lower Level, and pretty much as soon as we got off the elevator, there she was so we got a quick photo.

5.17.17 011

She was super nice, but as I walked away I realized I hardly spoke to her!  I could have asked her about her experience on Top Chef, was Stefan (one of her co-competitors on the show) how he appeared go be on t.v.  Oh well! 

5.17.17 025

How is she a Chef and so skinny!  We did get to try her food though.  We tried her braised beef cheek over mashed potatoes with jus.

5.17.17 012

And a miso noodle dish – the broth was delish!  

5.17.17 016

I didn’t realize we’d be able to eat food, so that was my lunch – called it 8 points.  We still had time on our lunch break, and it was kind of hot outside, so we got our steps in at Macy’s – which is a giant ten story store that you could walk miles in.  I can get there from the pedway and can meet Jenn there if the weather is bad.

5.17.17 036

We both posted our pics on Instagram and Kristin liked them both!  Er, well, she has 118k followers, so maybe one of her “people” liked them, but still, pretty cool!

5.17.17 039

Hey Jody and Liz!

5.17.17 041

Hi Jacky and Roz!

I ate 1/2 a protein bar around 4:30 to last me until I got home.  No one signed up for night secretary, so I got to leave at 5:30.  When I got home, I could feel my blood sugar dropping.  It was 57.  I ate about two cups of watermelon to bring it up, but I felt that wasn’t working fast enough.  If you’ve ever had low blood sugar, you just want that feeling to go away as soon as possible.  Had I just waited it out about 10 minutes it would have come up with the watermelon.  But no.  I ate about two cups of the Chicago Mix popcorn mindlessly standing in front of the pantry waiting for the low blood sugar to go away.  I haven’t looked up the points for that yet, but it’s probably 12?  The watermelon?  ZERO.  

So I wasn’t all that hungry by the time dinner rolled around, but I had already defrosted the beef.  So I made this bunless burger with 1/2 ounce of cheese (5) with Plochman’s angry mustard, Whataburger Buffalo sauce (1) and green beans for fries.  

And while I wouldn’t consider me shoving the popcorn into my mouth as a true on food binge, it felt like it.  Note to self – check blood sugar before coming home so that doesn’t happen again.

5.17.17 044


I’ve realized for the past several weeks, my head just hasn’t been in the game.  I did SO well for the first couple months, then the whole March birthday month came, and some of my old habits started creeping back.  Night time eating, wine, etc.  I’ve been watching lots of youtube videos and healthy weight loss feeds on Instagram, and the ingredient that’s been missing?  EFFORT.  And by effort I don’t mean staying at the gym for two hours, meal planning for days on end (who am I kidding, I DO love that part!) but just the day to day effort that got me to 20 pounds lost this year (er, 17 pounds after a couple gains) but still.

I am back to my journal writing and have found stuff that is motivating to me:

“Every day is full on decisions.  The inner dialogue we have that starts when the alarm clock goes off.  Sleep in?  Get up and go?  Every time you choose what you SHOULD do instead of what you WANT to do, you become stronger as a person.” – my buddy (I am sure we would be in real life!) – Steve Weatherford

“You don’t get the ass you want by sitting on it.”  – Lauren, Lose It Like Lauren

To see changes, you need to make changes.  Other than the low blood sugar popcorn incident, I’ve been on track since Sunday.  Drinking lemon water instead of wine.  Eating fruit on my train ride home instead of telling myself I “deserve” Garrett’s popcorn because I had a busy day at work.  I haven’t spent any money this week on food – I’ve brought all my eats and even my coffee this week.  My change purse thanks me for that one.  It’s so easy to spend $15 a day with a lunch/breakfast/coffee.

Time to put in a bit more EFFORT. 


For some reason my alarm didn’t go off this morning, and I woke up at 6:30.  I meet my sister early to go weigh in at WW, and because I am low maintenance, I was able to get up, shower, and be on the train platform in 22 minutes for the moment my eyes opened.  Luckily I have an hour train ride to put some makeup on 😛

Again, no idea how much I weigh with no scale at home, you’ll just have to check out my Instagram later this morning to find out.  😀  (mybizzykitchen there too!).

Make it a great day!