Somehow over the years (or maybe always?) my brother and sister can’t eat any meat off a bone.  Bone in chicken breasts, bone in pork chops, ribs.  We obviously all grew up on the same house?!

Now I know not everyone has a meat bin as good as mine (aka – Manager Special/Sell by Meat), but even not on sale, my store sells bone-in chicken breasts for between $1.49 and $1.79 a pound.  The boneless skinless chicken breasts can be triple that amount not on sale.

I use bone in chicken breasts to bake off to make other dishes during the week, so I ran them under water, dried with a paper towel, sprayed with avocado spray and a generous amount of salt and pepper.

WW peeps – yes, the skin is where the points are, but you want to cook it with the skin on.  That’s what is going to give you that perfect juicy chicken.

I baked these at 400 degrees.  And I know everyone is going to ask me – “how long did you cook them?”  And that isn’t a clear cut answer.  My chicken breasts were 10 – 12 ounces each.  You have to cook to temperature.  Since I am using this chicken to use later in the week, I took these out of the oven when they hit 160 degrees – the residual heat will continue to cook the chicken to 165.

For my oven, it took 50 minutes.

If you aren’t using right away, cool completely, keep the skin on and remove it just before slicing.  See how juicy the chicken is??


My Mom gave me some of her Turano english muffins – I forgot how good they were!  I made an egg/spinach/cheese open faced sandwich with fruit for breakfast yesterday – 6 points for breakfast.

As my sister and I were walking at lunch, it dawned on me that my tofu salad I brought for lunch was nearly 0 points, and not many calories.  So for 290 calories/7 points, I accessorized my lunch with Veggie Grill’s buffalo “chicken.”

I have no idea what the “chicken” is made from, but it seriously looks and tastes like chicken.  So good.

I was going to the gym after work, so I ate this salad around 4.  I am counting the marinated tofu as 2 points, the dressing for 1 – but here’s something I learned about myself yesterday – not a fan of raw kale.  So I’ll be using the rest of that salad bag mix for stir fry.

My blood sugar was 250 before I started working out.  I forgot to download my gym pics, but you can trust me that I went. 😀

One of my Instagram friends is this woman Bec who’s been killing it in the gym lately.  She’s probably about 10 years younger than me, but she lives in Australia and she leaves me the funniest video direct messages on Instagram.

Anywho, she starts her workout with a 20k bike ride.  So I decided to do it too.  Holy frick – I had no idea a 20k is 12.4 miles.  I somehow thought it would be a quick 20 minute warm up before I moved onto something else. 

Ah, no – it took me 52 minutes!  So after that I did 4 minutes of ropes, 15 minutes of upper body and got home around 8:30.

While I was at the gym though, I got tagged by my friend Erica – she made this crunchy/cheesy chicken for dinner with lemons and I was like “yep, that’s what I am making for dinner.”  

This weekend I am going to redo this recipe for a post because you are going to want this one in your back pocket on a night when you don’t have much time to cook, or like me, just hangry!

I stuffed it with 10 grams of Alouette spinach and artichoke dip, dredged it in eggs/bread crumbs then topped it with Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella.  So let’s keep a running tally – 1 point for the Alouette cheese/2 points for the bread crumbs/1 point for the cheese on top.  Four points!

I sprayed with avocado oil and baked in my air fryer for 10 minutes at 400 degrees.

While the chicken and potatoes cooked (it was a leftover baked potato for 2 points – it cooked the same time as the chicken) I sliced some lemon and pan fried it on low heat with avocado spray.  Holy cow, what a great compliment to the cheesy chicken.

My sister and I have a fun lunch planned – you’ll have to follow along on my Instagram stories (mybizzykitchen there too!) or check back here tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday friends, make it a great day!