I like stocking up on canned goods – so much so that sometimes Hannah says “Mom, if you buy one more can of black beans I am going to punch you.”  Ha!

Canned potatoes are one of my favorite things to have on hand.  I did a poll on my Instagram yesterday and EIGHTY percent of the 1030 people who responded don’t use canned potatoes.

They are fully cooked.  You can get them whole, sliced or diced.  Yes, there is sodium in there, but I rinse my potatoes for a couple minutes in a colander under cold water and it takes most of the sodium away.

That right there my friends is a 2 point breakfast.  165 grams (or 2/3 cups) diced canned potatoes that I sautéed in Pam, then added two eggs and baby spinach, with an apple and tangerine.  So filling!

I find the cheapest canned goods at Aldi – usually around .49 a can.  Stock up!  I’ve even made canned mashed potatoes – so good!

I made a carrot and ginger soup with the carrots and ginger my friends Erica and Dan gave me.  The soup was just okay, but needed something more.  Protein!  There is a deli across the street from my office that has a hot bar, and for $1.84, the first groceries I bought this week!, I bought Italian sausage and some peppers.

I also had some of the salsa verde and lemon tahini dressing from Piggy Smalls leftover, so I drizzled that over the top.  Holy cow, was this delicious! I need to figure out how to make that salsa verde – it’s so herby and delicious.  The soup was 1 point, half the sausage was 3, and I am counting 2 points for the salsa verde because it’s olive oil based – I think?!

I had my annual physical yesterday.  Everything is great, I need to schedule my first colonoscopy, which I’ve been putting off, which is stupid because my late husband had colon cancer.  Going to make the appointment today.

I had to work late to make up the time since I was late to work yesterday, so didn’t start cooking until after 7:30 last night.  I made my mini falafel recipe, but tried to make them in my air fryer.  I missed the crunch that I get with the deep fry, so after they cooked in the air fryer, I pan fried them in a little sesame oil.  Somehow, and I am not sure how this happened, I only have sesame oil in my house – no grape seed oil, no avocado oil, not even vegetable oil!

The naan bread was leftover from my bosses lunch that he didn’t eat and gave to me.  I reheated the fries from Piggy Smalls and used the tzatziki on my naan.  Erica and Dan gave me a tomato and parsley, so I used the parsley in the falafel and diced the tomato as a garnish.

In the end I never ate the naan bread.  I reheated it and as it cooled became hard as a rock.  The whole falafel recipe is only 3 points for 12 falafel.  I counted the fries as 5 points, my coconut sriracha dip was 1 point and the tzatziki was 1 point.  

We made it to Thursday – whoop! I am meeting my friend Morgan at Fisk & Co. tonight for their one year anniversary, which should be fun.

If you are on instagram, you need to follow her – she actually went to Culinary School and does great stories on cooking her dinner. We are going to talk about doing a cooking segment in her condo soon. Should be fun!

Happy Thursday friends, make it a great day! Love, Biz