I had every intention of getting sous vide eggs from Starbuck’s thanks to a gift card from my friend Julianne (morning sunshine!).  But when I walked into the lobby of my building, I completely forgot that it was a tenant breakfast hosted by the office of the building.

The smell of donuts slapped me in the face once I got in the lobby.

Chicago Peeps – if you need a caterer, check out this company – everything was fresh and delicious.

They had biscuits and gravy people!  And sausage gravy at that.  And bourbon syrup for the Belgian waffles . . . #swoon.

I prevailed though and got scrambled eggs, a bit of hash browns and fresh fruit – I counted this as 8 points because I am sure there is milk and/or cream in the eggs.  So good though.

I also grabbed an overnight oat – to have for my lunch.  Oats, milk, chia seeds, blueberries and a bit of chia seeds – so good!  I counted this as 6 points.  I was still full from breakfast and thought, do I need to have a giant lunch?  The answer to that was nope!

I didn’t have to work late, so it was nice to leave on time.  I saw Santa!

Hannah and Jacob went out to dinner.  I defrosted some Certified Angus Beef  ® brand ground sirloin I bought last week when I was at Meijer.  I made black bean and beef tacos.  So good.  This was the first picture I was going to post.  But because I know they were scalding hot, decided to play around with the layout a bit.

So I stood them up – that’s a bit better!

Lastly, I changed the angle and I LOVE how this last picture turned out.  I took it in my shitty kitchen lighting, but used the portrait mode on my iphone and used “contour” lighting.  Not sure what that does, but not a bad picture when it was pitch black outside.

The tacos were 7 points – 3 points for the tortillas, 3 for the beef, and 1 for the lite cheese.  5 ounces of Apothic Red (love) was 4 points.  

Side note:  I need to make these snowman pancakes.

I saw this meme yesterday and texted it to Hannah – so true!  After a couple nights out in a row, it was nice to just relax last night and get to bed early.

Happy Friday!  I have to get my Christmas act together this weekend – this month is going by too fast!

Make it a great day!