I know that’s a huge statement, but this is my favorite suburban burger and it just so happens to be in my home town πŸ€—πŸ€€. I am declaring this the best burger in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago.

The Tracks in Cary is a restaurant literally steps from getting off the train.

My late husband used to tell me all the time “don’t order lasagna in an Irish pub.” Meaning if a place is known for something – get it!

That, my friends is the Italiano burger. It just so happened that my friend Mary Beth and her husband and family were there too, and Josh and I have pretty high standards when it comes to burgers. This place has 12 signature burgers and this is what Josh ordered and I was like “yep – that’s what I’m having!”

Mom, have I taken you to the Tracks before??

1. Perfectly seasoned burger βœ…

2. Cooked medium rare βœ…

3. Soft bun, but stays together when you take a bite βœ…

4. Delish fries as a bonus βœ…

Although not in the menu, my friend Josh said “since when have tots been an option?!” If tots are on the menu, always get the tots.

It was great to visit with Mary Beth and Josh for a bit, and nice having dinner with Hannah and Jacob. πŸ’•

I promised I’d hit up the Jewel discount meat bin and have a grill fest with their family.

Check out their gorgeous kids:

Such a great family πŸ’•

I’m still blogging from my iPhone- hope to get my computer fixed on Sunday.

I have a meet up with my friend Lynne in Madison tomorrow- can’t wait to see her, it’s been too long.

Happy Friday! Make it a great day!

Question of the Day – how do you like your burger cooked?