In September of this year, I will have had my food blog for 11 years.  In nearly 11 years, I have never made a cheeseburger pizza.  What?!

I’ve been getting tagged on Instagram with all the skinny pizza dough pizzas – I’ve seen a few people put pickles on their pizza.  Cool!  Then I googled “pickled pizza” and lo and behold – people were making a cheeseburger pizza.

Where have I been?!

Of course I had to use my Dak’s steakhouse seasoning.  I cooked 2 ounces of lean Certified Angus Beef ® brand beef, just for a minute – it was still pretty raw when I put it on my pizza.  Baked at 500 degrees, it will finish cooking.  Pinky swear.

But then I thought, what goes better with cheeseburgers than French fries?!  So I toped my pizza with defrosted Ore Ida shredded potatoes to get that side of French fries taste.

Right before my pizza went into the oven, I sprayed the pizza edges with Pam and drizzled more of the steakhouse seasoning all around.

Whenever I make my pizzas, I write down the WW points as I go, otherwise I will forget.  My whole pizza was 11 points.

When it came out of the oven, I topped it with shredded bibb lettuce, chopped Suckerpunch pickles, a drizzle of mustard and no, that’s not ketchup – it’s Taco Bell fire sauce.  If I had tomatoes in the house, I would have topped them with chopped tomato.

Guys – this may be my new favorite pizza!  But then again, I say that all the time. 😀

That crust though!  The mustard seeds popped in your mouth in the best way possible.


It’s Friday – whoop!  I have an event to go to tonight, and Mom and Jenn, I need to cancel our lunch on Sunday because my step-son and his wife are in town this weekend, and the only time they have to meet with me is on Sunday – promise we will reschedule soon!

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day, and don’t eat like an asshole. 

Love, Biz