After eating a big burger the night before, I wasn’t that hungry for breakfast – I know!  That hardly ever happens! 

I grabbed a yogurt in the train station because they were on sale for .99 cents.  I just grabbed it and threw it in my bag.  It wasn’t until I was nearly done that I realized it was 2% fat – which means that container was 4 points, but totally worth it.  So rich and creamy!  I had 1/2 a banana and blueberries mixed in.

It was a gorgeous day in Chicago – in the 50s and it’s like everyone has come out of hibernation.  The river walk was full of people.

We were walking past the Wells Street Market and decided to pick up lunch.  We both brought soup but weren’t feeling it.  We went to Piggy Smalls – which is the offshoot of The Purple Pig by Chef Jimmy Bannos Jr.  His Dad owns Heaven on Seven.  I love that restaurant and as I type this realize it’s been too long since I’ve been.  I used to walk 10 blocks from my old office just to buy a slice of their jalapeno corn bread. 

Words cannot adequately describe the deliciousness in this bowl.  I am kicking myself for not trying it sooner.  I counted this bowl as 12 smart points, including the Greek vinaigrette which is amazeballs.

The carrots, broccoli couscous (which is just super finely chopped broccoli, no actual couscous) crispy chick peas, roasted asparagus, french fries, and their “rotisserie” chicken.  I am putting rotisserie in quotes because it’s kind of like gyro meat that’s cooked on a spit, but I think it has both chicken thigh and chicken breasts, with just a tiny bit of fat.  It was perfection in a bowl!

I made buffalo cauliflower for dinner last night – I switched up my recipe a bit because I didn’t have tempura flour, and I really need to switch out the oil in my refrigerator.  I only ate half of this plate, but it was pretty tasty.

But these biscuits.  These biscuits made up for it.  I usually make Ed’s biscuits because they turn out perfect every time, but I didn’t have any Greek yogurt, and I wanted to see how little butter I could actually use but the biscuits still taste delicious.

I started out with one tablespoon of butter to start.  And guess what?  It was delicious!

So fluffy!

Look at that rise!

I made a fried egg sandwich with baby spinach, a points worth of cheese, and then instead of honey, melted sugar free apricot preserves over the top for that sweet and savory punch.

It’s breakfast perfection.  And since these biscuits are only 4 points, with the cheese, this is only a 5 point breakfast sandwich.  So good!


I have an unexpected day off from work today.  When I got to the train station this morning, I was wondering why I got such a great parking spot.  There was a fatal accident on my line, and all trains were stopped to and from Chicago – the investigation was going to take hours before the train lines started running again.  So I took a personal day today.

While I am sad that I get the day off when someone else doesn’t get to go home to their family, I will make the most of it! 

I am going to be bizzy in my kitchen – I have a poor man’s lobster roll I am doing for my next Chopping Block post, and I’ve signed up for an Orange Theory class this afternoon.  

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!