I absolutely love Nature Valley granola bars.  They are crunchy goodness.  But it seems every time I try to make crunchy granola bars, they fall apart almost immediately upon cutting and I am left with granola.  If I had wanted granola I would have made granola!

Enter HalfBakedHarvest’s recipe.  I think the simple missing ingredient was using the bottom of a cup measure to REALLY press down hard on the mixture before putting it into the oven.  You can click on the link above for her recipe – I only changed two things based with what I had on hand – I used 1 cup of Cheerios and I subbed agave nectar for the honey.  Oh, and I forgot I added 2 tablespoons of flax seed and 1/4 cup of sunflower seeds.

weekend5.5 131

weekend5.5 133

I actually used my hands to make sure every piece was covered in the peanut butter/agave nectar mixture.  The parchment paper is key too – makes it super easy to get it out of the pan to cool before cutting.

weekend5.5 139

weekend5.5 151

So far it looks good!

weekend5.5 160

After cutting??  Hardly any crumbs!!

weekend5.5 172

Finally, a granola bar that stays together!!  I will note that mine were a tad salty – I shelled my own peanuts, so if your peanuts are really salty, you can leave out the salt in the recipe.  Still delicious – I need to make some more soon!

So we are flying by the seat of our pants this week food wise.  I knew we had enough stuff in the house that I didn’t need to grocery shop – should be an interesting week!

Breakfast was blueberry Chobani pancakes.   I was super busy at work all day so I just took a quick pick with my iPhone.

Monday 033

I decided to do the StairMaster at lunch.  Tony and I signed up for Netflix because they were having a free month special.  I watched a movie, but it wasn’t very good, but it made the time go by fast!  I ended up doing 100 flights of stairs in 35 minutes, or 2.07 miles.

                   Monday 038    Monday 039

So yesterday was all about the sausage!  I bought these last weekend. 

Monday 013

The package had me at jalapeno!  I decided to make a smoked sausage panini – I used store bought bread, baby spinach, horseradish mustard and a small slice of cheese with the sausage.  My boss loved this!

Monday 008

We split a 1 ounce bag of pretzels and had oranges, strawberries and grapes on the side. #winning!

So then I get home and Tony asked what was for dinner.  I start to mention “I have smoked sausage” and he said “put cheese on mine please.”

Monday 015

So this time I made a smoked sausage dog with sauerkraut on the bottom, the sausage, topped with a bit of blue cheese and hot giardiniera.  I had a cooked baked potato in the fridge so those because some potato fries, with cucumbers and ranch dressing for dipping.

Monday 020

Monday 028

I think I have yogurt for breakfast parfaits this morning, and I think I am going to throw all the ingredients into a bag to make smoked sausage sauerkraut soup for lunch.  I figure it can cook while I work! Open-mouthed smile

Question of the Day:  Sauerkraut fan or not?  I can eat it out of a can cold, but Tony thinks it tastes like ass.

Make it a great day!!