I scored chicken breasts in the meat bin, which rarely happens.  I got 2.5 pounds of chicken breasts for $3.  I know I set my day up for a win if I have protein with breakfast.  I love a good bowl of oatmeal, but I am usually hungry an hour after eating that.

I decided to add some veggies to my mix – baby peppers were on sale too.

Dak’s sent me a bunch of their seasonings and I’ve loved every one that I’ve tried.  Steakhouse is hands down my favorite so far – it has mustard seeds in it, which I love.  If you want to try out any of their seasonings, I have a discount code for you to get 10% off:  Bizzy10 – check out their website here.  All of the seasonings are salt free!

Just throw everything into a food processor and pulse just until combined.  Whenever you make meatballs, take a small piece and cook it up to test the seasoning.  Early on in my cooking career I can’t tell you how many times I made meals without tasting a thing, just expecting it to turn out perfect, which rarely happened.  My late husband Tony would always add salt šŸ˜€

I decided to then add shredded apple and I am glad I did.  The spicy chicken was a great compliment to the apple, and I added sugar free pancake syrup to the mix too to make it more “breakfasty.” I am not even sure that’s a word, but I’m going with it.

Once the patties were formed, I put them in the freezer for 10 minutes to set up.  Once cooked on one side, they stayed together fine. 

How gorgeous do those look?!  And zero points!!


You'll want to add this chicken sausage to your next breakfast. The spicy chicken is a great compliment to the apple. Just combine all ingredients in a food processor and divide into 8 patties. Freeze for 10 minutes then cook for 5 minutes on each side. These are zero points on the WW Freestyle Plan. #chicken #sausage #ww #weightwatchers #chickensausage

For breakfast yesterday I had two of the chicken sausages, scrambled eggs, a banana muffin (that I will post because I do like them even if Hannah said they tasted like ass to her – they weren’t sweet enough for her, which is why I like them!) and fruit on the side.  This 4 point breakfast kept me full for hours.

I stocked my fruit bowl at the train station too on my way to work, so if my blood sugar starts to drop, I don’t have to run to the vending machine.  That whole bowl of fruit was $7.

For lunch I had a meatball soup and it’s amazing if I do say so myself.  It’s a take off of one of Gina’s recipes from Skinnytaste.  She used turkey, but I used beef – duh. šŸ˜€  That soup will post tomorrow.  How cute is that mug?!  I got it at Ross for $3.99 – it has the plastic venting lid on top – I love that the soup gets hot but I can hold the handle.  I had a couple bowls at work that would get scorching hot (even though they were microwave safe) and the soup would be stone cold.

This photo doesn’t do it justice, but so good.

My train snack?  An apple.  Even though they had one of my favorite beers on special at the train station for the ride home.  

I was meeting my friend Jenn at the gym at 7:30 last night, so I heated up a couple of my breakfast taquitos in the air fryer – posting that recipe on Thursday – these are so good, and only 3 points for 2.  I didn’t take any insulin at all knowing I was going to the gym.

I follow this girl Phina on Instagram (phina.eats.balance.ww – if you follow her tell her Biz sent you – she’d get a kick out of that) – she’s so funny and kills me with the stuff she says.  She tagged me a while back while making my skinny pizza dough, and she has really long nails and didn’t want to get any dough under her fingernails so she was putting the dough together with this tiny baby spoon – I laughed so hard.  She wanted to start a challenge and wanted someone to be accountable to – so I volunteered.  Yesterday was Day 1.

My friend Jenn met me at the gym.  We did 15 minutes on the treadmill to warm up before doing the workout.  It was pretty hard – on paper I was like “that’s not that bad!” until we realized how out of shape we were. šŸ˜€ 

I was able to hold a plank for a whole minute, but the wall sits were nearly impossible – we may be made it 25 seconds by a hair.

It was a long day yesterday, but it was fun.  I was glad I made it to the gym, I just need to keep it going.  Keep shining like a diamond – duh.  (Thanks Tracey for the sweatshirt – I love it!)

I didn’t eat my dinner until nearly 9:15, but it was worth the wait.  I modified one of Gina’s recipes for chicken nuggets with the Dak’s Buffalo seasoning, so good!  I’ll post my version on Friday.  These were so juicy and crunchy in the air fryer.  And that whole plate was only 4 points – just 3 points for the bread crumbs and 1 point for the FF ranch.  

I got over 16000 steps!

And yesterday was Day 4 of 100 of Honest Tracking (check out the hashtag #ccgghonesttracking to check it out).  It’s not about being perfect, but it’s about honestly tracking everything.  I think last weekend was the first time I was consciously aware of how many licks, tastes and bites I was eating while recipe testing.  It was eye opening!

Hoping to get my walk on with my sister today at lunch now that she’s back to work.  Happy Tuesday friends!  Make it a great day, and don’t eat like an asshole.  Love, Biz