It was a few weeks back in a Weight Watchers meeting that we were talking about motivation.  How to get it, savor it, and most importantly, hot to keep it.  The first 8 weeks of this year I was tracking like it was my job, making sure I got blue dots on my healthy daily eating chart, and I was focused and determined.  I had two gains the first two weigh ins in March and it’s thrown me off my game.  Now that I’ve got my –112 point for the week going after my birthday weekend, I know this weeks weigh in is not going to be pretty, but I already know that going in.

Being on a train two hours a day commuting gives me lots of time to think.  I put my headphones on, and I can go down the path of watching inspiring videos, just as easily as I can watch videos on how to make a 1000 calorie double grilled cheese burger.  I love them both! Open-mouthed smile

I’ve known Kim on social media for about a year and a half, if not longer.  She and her best friend Lori started posting videos to YouTube, and I loved their honesty from the start.  Whether the week went well, or it didn’t, they discussed the pros and cons of the week and each weekly weigh in and then moved on.

Here is one of their first videos when they started Weight Watchers!

One of Kim’s biggest bucket list things was to run a 5k without stopping.  She just recently hit her 100 (+!) pounds lost and last weekend accomplished her goal of running that 5k!  First, can I just say how cute she looks with her green accessories and red lipstick?!

Oh my gosh you guys!  I watched this on the train ride home and it literally made me cry with happiness for her.  She persevered, she stuck with it.  She had good weeks, she had bad weeks, but most importantly, she never gave up!  Just another reminder that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.  You can get up 30 minutes earlier if that’s what it takes to get a workout in.  Spend 15 minutes less time watching t.v. at night to pack your food for the next day.  Progress, not perfection.  If I ever get a tattoo (Hannah keeps wanting to get matching tattoos!) that might be it!  Or maybe this one?!  But a lot smaller. 😛

still i rise

So Kim (and Lori who doesn’t join her on the YouTube videos anymore, but is there in spirit!) thank you for continuing to be a reminder to never give up.  Hugs!


3.21.17 036

I had a planned lunch out with a co-worker for a belated birthday lunch, so I planned accordingly and ate this picky breakfast plate – hard boiled egg (2), 3 ounces reduced fat ham off the bone (2), strawberries, bananas and a tablespoon of granola (1).

Blackie’s is in the lobby of my office building so I don’t even need to leave the building to get this delicious burger.  So good.  Perfectly seasoned patty, good patty to bun ratio – I got the Black and Blue burger which was a Cajun spiced burger with blue cheese.  #swoon.  I ate half for 10 points of the burger and plan on making a breakfast frittata with the leftover French fries.

3.21.17 044

I was going to make chicken fajitas for dinner, but realized I still had some leftover grilled pork left and these pork tostadas were born.  I had these mini corn tortillas and I crisped them up a bit with 1 teaspoon of grapeseed oil in my cast iron skillet.  Then sauteed zucchini and red peppers, and added a bit of Tajin seasoning, and right before taking this off the heat, shredded an ounce of reduced fat Cabot cheese.  This whole plate is 10 points, super delicious and filling.  And a great way to use up leftovers.

3.21.17 005

I am loving my new iPhone 7 Plus.  Still figure out all the new features with the phone, but can I just say how much I love the camera?  This was taken in Hannah and Jacob’s room, at night with only side lamps on, yet you can still see all the details of his nose.  

I then asked him if he wanted to sleep with grandma and he went and hid under the bed.  I guess that was a no!

3.21.17 027

I am switching up my blog schedule a bit, and utilizing the time on the train to write my blog on the way to work in the morning.  For those of you who read my blog in the morning before work, or when you get up, it will likely be published between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. Chicago time.  I sound as if I have SO many followers, but I have a few dozen that worry about me if I don’t post at my usual time.  Just wanted to give a heads up.

Here’s your motivation today – make it a great day!