This will be the last installment of my first one tank of gas trip. Sunday morning we met my cousin Jim and his wife Marina at the cutest restaurant called S2S – Sugar to Salt.

I got the first thing that jumped out to me – the brisket egg muffin with braised greens and sharp cheddar.

Looks simple, but the greens were braised in a touch of vinegar – so good!

We had a lovely time and then had time to walk around for a while. It is so pretty up there.

We were near a barn that was set up for a wedding – it was so chilly though – maybe 45 degrees but gorgeous all the same.

We said goodbye to Jim and Marina, then had about an hour to spend in my cousins backyard before hitting the road.

Her property goes all the way to a pond that is gorgeous – I could bring my coffee down to the water every morning if I lived there.

My cousin gave me garlic mustard greens from her yard. When I got home I made a garlic mustard and basil pesto.

One cup basil, one cup garlic mustard greens,w tablespoons garlic, 1/4 cup Parmesan, 1/4 cup olive oil, one teaspoon crushed red pepper and salt and pepper. Just blend in a processor for 5 minutes until smooth.

This is delicious. It’s bright, with a hint of spice and bitter from the mustard greens.

Thank you again Patty for your hospitality – I had a fantastic time. šŸ’•


My eats for the day: breakfast burrito šŸŒÆ

Lunch was more tofu with fried rice, sugar snap peas and mushrooms.


I got a package from Certified Angus Beef – burger patties! I had one for dinner last night and it was delicious but it did put me over my points for the day – each burger is 12 points and 380 calories.

They cook from frozen and can be found at Meijer and Gordon Food Supply.

Your welcome for the brakes tank top eating burger video – my gift from me to you today.

I ended my day with 31 points – and tracked it all.

And got in a decent amount of steps:

We’ve made it to Wednesday- whoop! Have a great day friends – make it a great day. šŸ¤—