Tuesday night I met up with my friend Christina and her husband Paul.  They are both burger snobs like me, and Mott Street has been on both mine and Christina’s burger bucket list for a while.  Mott Street is actually an Asian restaurant about 3 miles northwest of the Loop.  This is not your typical burger.  It’s “Asian inspired.”  It is a double quarter-pounder chuck patty burger with sweet potato shoestring potatoes, pickled jalapenos, hoisin aioli, dill pickle and American cheese.  Perfection!

I stole that picture above so you could see it in all its glory.  The photo below was mine in a dark restaurant – I ate the whole thing!

We decided to also try the Brussels sprouts and that was the best decision – it came in a maple butter with chopped peanuts on top and it was stunning.

And I need to make pork wontons at home – these were so flavorful and it came with a spicy ginger sauce.  #yum

My only complaint about the whole evening is that the server said “order everything and we will pace out the dinner for you.”  We got there at 6:00 when they opened, were seated at 6:01, got our drinks at 6:10 and ordered our food at 6:15.  Within a couple minutes we got the potstickers – then a minute later got the sprouts, and literally a few minutes after that, got our burgers.  We were done and out the door by 7!  I know they wanted to turn tables, but it felt a bit rushed.  It’s all good though – I got to hang out with my Instadaughter and her hubs, so that was priceless.  

Christina and Paul.  I met Christina through my friend Tia, who followed each other, and I like that we’ve now met in real life twice.  Christina is a big BBQ person we are looking forward to hanging out this summer.  

Guess what I had for breakfast – more beef! 😀  I hit up the cafeteria styled restaurant in the building across the street from my office and picked up a hard boiled egg, and some “fixings” – corn and black bean salsa, and a pepper and tomato salsa – with my beef and giardienera from home.

The potato was 3 points, and the beef was 2 points, so this was a delicious and filling breakfast.  I had my office Christmas party last night, so I was hoarding my points for that.

I walked Macy’s with my sister with her friend.  We were going to go to the 7th floor food court, but they were shopping for holiday dresses for their office party on Friday.  I have to clock in and out, so had to scoot back to my office.  I stopped at the Kringle Market at the Daley Center and even though my mouth wanted the giant pretzel stuffed with cheese, I bought this lentil soup, which was delicious.

Then it was party time!

Our party was very much scaled down this year.  Mostly cheese/crackers and stuff like that.  They had mini sliders, but those went fast.  So I couldn’t really eat like an asshole that much – here was my one and only plate:

By 7:40 there was only a handful of us left!  So I caught the 8:30 train and was home by 9:45.  

Such a pretty city!  We’ve made it to Thursday.  I haven’t bought anything yet for Christmas, or made anything homemade like I normally do.  Oh well – it will get done one way or another.

Happy Thursday friends – make it a great day!