I found one lone Chobani that was on it’s expiration date (although really, if it were expired by a week, I’d still eat it!) so I decided on a parfait for breakfast.  Chobani (2), my one point fruit sauce (1) and a tablespoon of granola for 1 more point.  Delish!

11.10.16 007

I found out my work has a Weight Watchers at work!  Although I don’t qualify yet because I am temp to perm for the first 90 days, but it’s nice to know for the future.  I was in the kitchen when one of the other secretaries came in and said “what’s that?!”  I have so much to share! 

I didn’t mention it in yesterday’s post that I was going to a new Weight Watcher meeting on LaSalle.  It takes my sister and I each about 8-10 minutes to walk there depending on the lights, so we agreed to meet in the front of the building.  On our walk on Monday we did a dry run to find the location – it’s in the basement of 120 S. LaSalle Street.  When I mentioned that Jenn and I might find a location to weigh in down town last week on the blog, my long time blog friend Amanda informed me that she went to the 12:30 meeting on Thursdays.  As soon as she told me that, I knew I was going to surprise her at the meeting!  She’s lost nearly 40 pounds this year (you can check out her November goals here) and is a recent bride!   She and her dress are stunning!


As we walked into the meeting, I realized it had been almost 5 weeks since I had an official weigh in.  Remember the post not too long ago where my scale at home said I’d gained nearly 8 pounds since I last weighed in on it in August?  While I knew I wasn’t watching my eats that closely, that still seemed like a lot, and when you are 5.2 inches tall, literally 10 pounds is the next pants size up, and I was still able to wear my size 14 pants without a problem.

11.10.16 014

So I was only up .8 – nice!  And only up 2.4 since this past March, which again, confirms that I am the queen of maintenance.  But, my sister and I are now only 2 pounds apart from each other, and I am competitive, so the gloves are off.  What’s my plan?  TRACK EVERYTHING.  While my meals are fine – we all know it’s the extras that don’t get counted and well, no amount of exercise will work off a diet that isn’t the best.

I walked into the meeting, and looked around for Amanda, but didn’t see her.  Maybe she was taking a week off?  But five minutes in she walked in, and I just jumped up and hugged her right away!  So while we didn’t have that much time to talk, my sister and I are putting her on our walking buddy list and I know at the very least, I’ll see her at weekly weigh ins.  And we can always meet up after work for a walk to catch up.  So happy to have met you in real life Amanda after all these years!

11.10.16 015

Even though I’ve been at my job for just over a week, I am happy to say that I’ve nearly filed all the piles and piles of paperwork that was on or around my desk.  I felt claustrophobic with all the clutter.  Some of the filing went back to 2012 – really?  At least I’ve got work to do, so I’ve got that going for me.  I brought another apple brat (8) and sauerkraut, green beans and green peppers for lunch – quick and delish.

11.10.16 018

Hannah and I meal planned last week, and last night was supposed to be crock pot French dip sandwiches.   She was going to throw everything in the crock pot before going to work at 11:00.   I was almost home on the train when Hannah texted me “how does Galati’s sound?”  I am always up for Galati’s!  And last night was $6 burger night.  I couldn’t pass up getting my favorite burger there – mozzarella cheese with fresh bruschetta on top.  It’s an insane amount of fries.  I made two equal piles of fries, ate one and took the rest home to weigh to see how many points.  The fries were two ounces, or 5 points.  Half the burger was 5 ounces, so 11 points.   Isn’t that crazy that you can get a 10 ounce burger for $6?!  You couldn’t buy McDonald’s, Jimmy John’s or Wendy’s for that price.

11.10.16 025

And they had one of my favorite beers on tap, a local brewery makes this Blonde Ale that’s spectacular – I am calling this glass 5 points.

11.10.16 020

So even though my dinner came in at 21 points, I only went three over for the day, and have 32 weeklies left.  So I’ll definitely be having party pizza Friday Open-mouthed smile

It’s a busy weekend for me.  Meeting a friend out after work tonight, then working the retail floor all day tomorrow, then doing a cooking class Sunday afternoon at the Merchandise Mart – at least I’ll get to sleep in on Sunday, so that will be nice. 

I want to give a shout out to my PIL – Bonnie and Carl are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary!  I wish I could have been there for the celebration, but just know I am sending big hugs and love your way.  Also Bonnie, your birthday card I mailed to you came back to me in the mail yesterday because I forgot a stamp – doh!  It’s going in the mail today.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend – make it a great day!