I’ve never made sopes before.  But that’s what happens when you meal plan with what you have on hand.  I’ve had a bag of masa in my pantry for a while.  I just googled “what to make with masa” and sopes popped up.  A lot of recipes called for adding lard to the batter, or butter.  Masa is simply corn flour.  I got excited because I thought my Whole 30 peeps might be able to use this recipe, but I don’t think corn is on the list of approved foods.  Let me know if I am wrong. šŸ˜€

You can find Masa flour in the hispanic aisle of your grocery store.  I looked with the rest of the flours first, so now you know.

I decided to make enough dough for 10 sopes.  I used 1.5 cups of masa flour with 1.25 cups water and a teaspoon of salt.  (I actually didn’t put salt in the first four that I made and after Hannah and I made them, agreed that salt was needed and it made all the difference).

To figure out the points/calories, I mixed the whole dough together – the total weight was 17.35 ounces, so to make 10 sopes, I measured out 1.73 ounces per dough (there about) – each one is 2 WW points, or 62 calories a piece.

Hannah was my sous chef while I made the sopes.  We had fat free refried beans, seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, spinach, radish and diced tomato, with a squeeze of lime. 

Oh my lerd – I could make these every night and never get sick of them.  The different toppings are endless.  As made above, they came in at 10 smart points, or 450 calories, 50 calories, 21 fat, 25 protein.  These were surprisingly light.  I went to the gym 30 minutes after I ate, and was completely fine – didn’t feel heavy at all.  #winning


Breakfast was 4 points of my cream cheese apple streusel, peppered turkey (1) hard boiled egg and fruit. 

My sister has been sending me calendar requests to put our walking shoes on – and I love it.  It’s like an actual appointment, and I just have to get it in my head that no matter what is going on at work, I can leave for an hour and all will be well.

One thing I forgot about yesterday was the Columbus Day parade!  She was on one side of State Street and I was on the other.  I finally found a spot that wasn’t blocked off and ran across the street in between a couple floats. 

So many talented high school performers!  We watched for about 10 minutes (um, its a 3 hour parade!) and got to the river walk and got our steps in.

It was 80 degrees and gorgeous.  And because of the Chicago marathon, and the parade so much foot traffic with tourists – love.

Last Friday when I went to Trader Joe’s, I bought this banh mi salad – it was so good!  11 points or 370 calories.  It probably would have been better the day I bought it, some of the veggies were a bit wilty, but the flavor was delish.  I didn’t use all the dressing, but added more tofu from Phoenix Bean that I bought at the farmers market last Thursday.  

This is what the package looks like.

 I must have given myself too much insulin at lunch, because in the afternoon I started sweating profusely – gross.  I checked my blood sugar and it was 48 and sinking.  Dangit.  I ate my banana before my walk with my sister so went to our vending machine and ate these 15 M&M’s in about a minute.  An hour later my blood sugar was only 78.  I bought an apple and ate that on the way home, and I was okay.  Don’t get diabetes, okay? 

Since I didn’t work late, I left for the gym at 8:30.  I did a 3 mile walk at 8% incline, all while watching The Voice Battles from last season that I must not have DVRd.  Makes the time go by so fast.  Then upper body and then DOUBLE massage.  I did the massage chair and the hydromassage lounge.  If you belong to Planet Fitness, it’s totally worth the extra $10 for those extras.  

Not bad on the steps yesterday, considering I have a desk job šŸ˜€  For those of you who don’t know, I don’t watch t.v. during the week – usually I save that for Friday and Sunday night.

Right before I went to the gym, I saw all these notifications and new followers on my Instagram, and was like “what is going on?”  My friend Lynne posted the hashtag #letsgetbizto10k  – holy fuck!  Then my friend Doree, then Christina and many more kept reposting that.  All the love.  Seriously, this is so amazing.  

In case you haven’t noticed, my recipe page is a work in progress and my recipes are hard to find – it will be nice when I get there that I can add the “swipe up” feature to bring you right to the recipe.  I am blessed to have so many online friends šŸ˜€

Happy Tuesday friends – 83 days left until 2019.  Let’s kick this last quarter in the ass – deal?!

Make it  great day!