I am happy to say that for a second week in a row, I’ve been able to use my pantry/fridge/freezer to meal plan – whoop!  I spent just over $10 in groceries this week – and that was mainly fruits and veggies.  I found not one but TWO bags of pizza dough (I put one in the cheese drawer, which is why Hannah told me I didn’t know it was there – in case you were wondering, the pizza dough belongs in the “leftover” basket). 😀  #loveher

Hannah has been dreaming about dim sum for a while now – but there are no restaurants around us that have it.  The downside of living in the sticks.  But as I was looking at recipes online, I thought, “could my skinny pizza dough work?!”  

I forgot, add $2.60 to my weekly bill, because I picked up two pork chops on my way home from work to make this dish – they didn’t have ground pork, so I thought I’d just grind my own – it worked great!  I discovered this when I made my buffalo chicken chili (haven’t made it yet this year!).  I was always leery about buying ground chicken in the store, so now I just grind my own.  

I just threw the filling into my food processor and pulse until combined.

Here are the ingredients – below is a printable recipe.  😀

I used 1/2 ounce of dough per dim sum.  Then added about a teaspoon of the filling and pinched together.  The pork is raw, but don’t worry – it will cook when you steam them.

Only one tiny problem – I don’t have a steamer – no problem!!  I added about 2 inches of water to a stock pot, put a couple balls of foil in there too – I wasn’t sure if my plate would fall, so that was kind of a safety net.  The dinner plate fit on the lip, but there was still room for the steam to get through.  I read online that you could use lettuce leaves in a steamer basket so that they don’t stick, so I used romaine lettuce for mine.  

Ready to steam!  I steamed them for 10 minutes.  They really puffed up!  I then did a quick pan fry with 1/2 teaspoon of grape seed oil to give them a bit of texture on the bottom.

So good!  Light, fluffy, spicy because of the sambal oleek.   Best part was that 5 dim sum came in at only 4 smart points.  I seriously am thinking of all the things now I can use with the skinny pizza dough – the possibilities are endless!


Since I worked at Apple Fest at The Chopping Block on Saturday, I met my friend Jen at the 7:00 a.m. meeting – she was so happy I suggested going to the early meeting!  #not – but she went, and then went to the gym after – I missed our going to the Meat Bin, but she saved 85% – so proud of her!

I lost another 1.1 – I was shocked because I normally have no loss after a big one like the week before.

You’ll remember that I counted both calories and points last week.  Friday’s calories were low because when our office got shut down early, I didn’t have lunch – only an apple.   I was -25 for the week.   And you can tell I ate some great food!  I just didn’t eat like an asshole on the weekends – that’s always been my downfall – do great Monday through Friday and then after weigh in on Saturday think “I can eat anything – I’ve got all week to work it off!”  That my friends, is the hamster wheel, and you will never see any significant results until you get off that wheel.  I also had a glass of wine on Friday night, and guess what?  It was just eh.  So I may continue dry October – unless we go somewhere and they have a good Octoberfest beer on tap – then I might have a beer!

  • Saturday – 1268 calories = 32 points
  • Sunday – 1543 calories = 33 points
  • Monday – 1328 calories = 33 points
  • Tuesday – 1310 = 28 points
  • Wednesday – 1552 calories = 29 points
  • Thursday – 1259 = 38 points
  • Friday – 1078 calories = 28 points

The weather was kind of crappy on Saturday for the fest.  My back was hurting a bit so I left at 1:30.  We sold a lot of pie!!

The Apple Fest also has a dog costume contest, and I had to take a picture of this Boston – whose name is Bella, and quite the Diva.  She was dressed as a wolf in sheeps clothing.  So cute!

My roommates were out running errands on Saturday night, so I texted them and told them I was going to the movies.  Hannah replied “by yourself?!”  Um, yes!  I wanted to see A Star is Born – the movie was a bit slow in parts, but I still loved it and the soundtrack was amazeballs – I love Lady Gaga’s voice and well, Bradley Cooper is just eye candy 😀  

Yesterday I was Bizzy in my Kitchen – perfect day for it – it was cloudy and rained on and off all day.  These are apple ring pancakes – three pancakes were 2 points and scream fall.  I’ll be posting the recipe later this week.

Another skinny pizza dough recipe!  I legit nearly made a full metal jacket apple cream cheese coffee cake – with TWO sticks of butter no less!  But I quickly snapped myself out of it, and made this 10 point mini apple cheesecake coffee cake – delicious for a healthy alternative.

Hannah and I love Halloween.  Sadly, we don’t get any trick or treaters, but we love seeing all the Halloween stuff.  If I did get trick or treaters, I totally would have bought this mask!

Guys – there are only 84 days left of the year – crazy!!  Make every day count.  Don’t eat like an asshole.  

Happy Monday my friends – make it a great day!