I can’t wait to share this recipe for the zucchini bread – it’s a pretty big mini loaf for only four points!  But it’s my next Chopping Block blog recipe, and since they pay me for it, they get first dibs – I’ll be sure to link to it when it’s published!  This was my chocolate zucchini bread version – I could only add 3 chocolate chips to keep it at 4 points, but it was just enough to get that chocolately flavor.  I sliced it in four slices, and toasted it and added a pat of butter for 5 points total – on the side was FF turkey breast, a hard boiled egg sprinkled with EBTB seasoning, and my favorite – Rainier cherries!  So worth the money.

My sister had to work through lunch yesterday, and while I was sad I didn’t get to see her, I was happy because she probably thought it was too hot out to walk, but I loved it.  Before I even made it back to my office I already hit 10,000 steps.  Nice!

I am going back to basics with Weight Watchers – I know how to lose weight, it’s just getting rid of the things I do to that – drinking wine, snacking at night, extra train ride snacks – gummy bears! 😀  One of those back to basics is weighing food again and measuring – it’s amazing how big a 1/2 cup of pasta looks when it’s actually a full cup but you “eyeball it” and think “that looks like 1/2 cup, no?!”

Ah lasagna soup.  An oldie but a goodie!  I love how customizable it is.  Brenda has the original recipe that I know of – she revamped the recipe in December of 2017.  You can check out her recipe here.  I have a couple skinny versions here and here.  When I got my weekly discount meat at Jewel last Saturday, they had hot bulk Italian sausage, so I made mini Italian sausage meatballs for this soup – there is enough fat in the Italian sausage that you don’t need any fillers – I just rolled 36 meatballs out of the 1 pound mixture, seared it in a pan to crisp the edges, and then threw it in the soup to finish cooking.

I added garbanzo beans to this soup too, but not sure I really liked that – I think next time I’d rather have sauteed zucchini.  Still good though!

This is what my counter looks like when I play an episode of Chopped in my kitchen.  Just pull out random stuff and hope for the best!  I normally have low point stir fry sauces on hand, but I must be out. Or maybe Hannah just decided I had too many condiments?  All I know is that this stir fry sauce I made was delicious!  I know you are wondering what the hell the sugar free pancake syrup is doing on the counter – I use it like honey but for zero points – trust me you won’t know it’s in there, but it balances out the acidity of the rice wine vinegar, ponzu sauce and spiciness of the sriracha.


zero point stir fry sauce

I double checked the package of Smithfield pork tenderloin, and sure enough, a 4 ounce portion scanned as 1 smart point.  I have 1.5 cups of chopped veggies, 4 ounces of pork (1) 1 cup rice (6) and my zero point stir fry sauce – a lot of food for only 7 points!  Since I was going to the gym after dinner I took half the amount of insulin that I normally do, and that worked out great.

And dinner took less than 9 minutes from beginning to end.  #winning

I finished my workout by 9:30 – I did upper body and more cardio.  All while watching YouTube videos – makes the time go by so fast.

For having a desk job, I basically killed it on the steps yesterday. 😀

After the gym I had to pick up a new prescription for my cholesterol.  I told the girl I was here to pick it up, she grabbed the prescription, then looked right at my stomach and said “I’ll be right back.”  She came back, looked at my stomach again and asked “could there be a possibility that you are pregnant?”  Um, no.  I was so close to saying “nope, just fat!” But I didn’t.  When I just said “no” she turned in the direction of the pharmacist and yelled “she’s not pregnant!”  

Thanks.  Such a boost of confidence!  But I am taking it as a compliment – I mean, she thought I looked young enough to be pregnant!  So I’ve got that going for me.  

My brother sent me this picture below yesterday – our little girls – both our babies are married and his daughter and her husband are closing on their new house this week – where did the time go?! 

Oh, and for the record, Hannah probably watched The Little Mermaid 1,087,002 times.  I think even though it’s been 20 years since I’ve seen it, I could probably recite the movie word for word. 😀

Tomorrow at this time I’ll be headed to the airport!  Whoop!  I may or may not be taking a blog break until next Tuesday – depends on the internet access where I am staying.  So maybe see you tomorrow, or maybe next week – but you can always follow me on Instagram (my bizzy kitchen there too!).

Make it a great day!

This 5 ingredient sauce is made with a few ingredients you might not expect like sugar free pancake syrup. But trust me you won’t know it’s in there and it balances out the acidity of the rice wine vinegar, ponzu sauce and spiciness of the sriracha. #ww #weightwatchers #stirfry #sauce