Every once in a while I impress myself with recipes.  You see I write a lot of my recipes in a book, while I am on the train.  I never know exactly how they will turn out, although truth be told, they all turn out great in my head.  When I opened my oven door and saw these beautiful mile high biscuits I squeaked with joy!  Well, as loud as I could at 6:15 in the morning when my kitchen is outside Hannah and Jacob’s bedroom Smile with tongue out

I’ve had several biscuit recipes on the blog over the years, and most, if not all, have some type of sugar in them.  I wondered if I could sub out the sugar and replace it with a scoop of Premier Protein vanilla protein powder? 

7.27.17PPbiscuit 001

That turned out to be a great idea!  For the record, these don’t taste like vanilla at all, just a slight hint of sweet like you would with any good biscuit.  And these are only 4 smart points!  They are buttery, flakey, and have just the right amount of bite.  I brought a couple for the woman at the front desk at my office, and one said she grew up on biscuits and declared this one of the best she’d ever had – Wow – high praise!

Here are a few tips about baking biscuits that rise like that – first hot oven – I bake these at 450.  Second, super cold butter.

I use my cheese grated to shred the butter – I pull back a stick of butter and shred 4 tablespoons in my bowl and I never touch the butter with my hands.  Third, because even how quickly you work, the butter starts to warm up in the biscuit dough, so I put them in the freezer for 5 minutes before baking – so super cold biscuit to super hot oven = perfection.

7.27.17PPbiscuit 027

Then add the powdered vanilla Premier Protein – I just use a fork to mix it all together.

7.27.17PPbiscuit 028

And because I didn’t have any buttermilk, I added a tablespoon of vinegar to the coconut milk (from Aldi!) and let that sit for 5 minutes until it gets really thick. 

7.27.17PPbiscuit 030

The deep fryer is on the counter so I can clean it, but have to laugh that I have it in the background.  I couldn’t find my biscuit cutter so a mason jar worked just fine.

7.26.17 081

Into the freezer they go!

7.27.17PPbiscuit 033

Bake for 10 minutes and try to not open the oven door while they cook – I promise they will be perfect at 10 minutes.


7.26.17 083

I styled that first photo before I left work, but this is what my actual breakfast looked like when I got to work.  Everything bagel seasoning egg white, 1/2 ounce cheese, piece of bacon and fruit.  7 smart points.

7.27.17PPbiscuit 004

I went to the Weight Watchers meeting and what I love about this meeting is that there is no real direction.  Not that the leader doesn’t touch on the Weekly meeting subject (usually 5 minutes before the end of the meeting!) but everyone talks back and forth about what worked for them.  One woman had an epiphany.  She was walking after dinner with her husband one night, and he said to her “it will be so great when you get to goal so we can go back to eating like we did.”

She said it stopped her in her tracks – she realized she suddenly couldn’t eat the way she did, because – duh, that gave her a body she didn’t want to have anymore.  Her husband thought of WW as a “diet” not a lifestyle.  So true.  Until you wrap your brain around that, I don’t think weight loss will ever happend.  You aren’t “done” just making better choices every day, which I try to do as well.  

I had an 8 point piece of leftover Lou Malnati’s pizza and apples with chocolate PB2 for lunch.  It wasn’t very filling – I missed my giant picky plates that take me an hour to eat.  Oh well!

7.27.17PPbiscuit 006

I worked late last night.  I had to literally run 8 blocks to the train to make the 6:25 (or 6:30 if I missed that one) otherwise have to wait until 7:30 for the next train.

I made it by 1 minute! 

7.27.17PPbiscuit 012

Since its an hour train ride, I took out my laptop, started doing stuff, and minutes later realized that we weren’t moving.  It was then that I heard through the intercom that the 6:25 and 6:30 NW line wasn’t going anywhere because a pedestrian was struck on my train line, merely six days after the last one.  

I didn’t get home until 8:30.  I was happy when I looked on the schedule for Insanity and saw that it was Cardio Recovery for 35 minutes.  It’s all strength (lots of squats and lunges) but perfect workout after a long day.  I think I had turkey burgers and fries on the menu last night, but by the time I finished my workout it was 9:30 and just wasn’t feeling it, so tacos to the rescue – 8 smart points and hit the spot.

7.27.17PPbiscuit 026

Happy Friday! Last day before my boss comes back from being gone two weeks – I actually miss being busy!  This last week has been pretty light for me, even when I’ve asked everyone around me if they need help, but nothing.  I may work for another attorney this morning though that could make the day go by faster, fingers crossed!

Hope you have a great weekend!  Make it a great day!