The great thing about making waffles over the weekend when you have time is that you can have a quick breakfast during the work week.   I love the sweet/savory combo and made waffle breakfast sammies.  One waffle (4) stuffed with 1/2 cup liquid egg white and baby spinach (1) and 1/2 ounce everything bagel Cabot cheese (2) then drizzled with sugar free pancake syrup (1).

2.8.17 015

I toasted the waffles when I got to work so they were crunchy, the cheese was salty – it’s basically everything you could ever want in a breakfast.  It was so good that I just might have it again for breakfast!  That’s a whole lot of food for 8 points!

I can’t show you my lunch because it’s a recipe I wrote for my Chopping Block blog post coming up.  It’s a soup recipe – I can tell you that – and it’s only FOUR smart points for two cups.  But even with 1/2 a serving of tortilla chips and a giant apple, I was starving on the train ride home and had to dive into my back pack and ate two Nature Valley bars for 7 points.  

When I got home I was happy to get some mail from my blog reader and friend Allyson!  She told me she sent me a little something, but it had been well over a week since she mailed it and we both thought it just might have gotten lost.  Nope!  Fourteen days after she mailed it from MS!  Thank you Allyson!  How could she have possibly known I liked snowmen?!

2.8.17 047

Hannah’s coffee shop is no longer doing appetizer type foods, so she came home with a giant can of chick peas.  While hummus is an obvious choice (and I plan on making some this weekend) I decided to try to make a chickpea/potato/curry dish.  My inspiration came from Recipe Tin.  I did streamline her instructions a bit to make it even faster for a weeknight dinner.  The Weight Watcher recipe app said this was 6 points per serving, which is 1.5 cups of the recipe.  I served it over 1/2 cup cooked rice, so dinner came in at 9 smart points.

2.8.17 050

2.8.17 051

2.8.17 052

Please note that not all curry powders are the same.  I used this hot curry powder – and literally 1/2 teaspoon was enough to spice up this whole dish.  The original recipe called for TWO tablespoons!  So start with a little and you can always add more.

2.8.17 001

The verdict?  I liked it.  I loved all the spice going on in the dish, but truth be told, I missed the meat.  But I guess having one meatless meal during the week won’t kill me!

I’ve got a busy day today!  Going to Weight Watchers before work to weigh in.  We have a bring your lunch AT our Weight Watchers meeting (with tables and chairs with water and fruit provided) and then Cooking Club!  I am happy I am just in charge of a side dish this time.  I believe the head Chef is Donna, and she’s making a salmon dish.  If it wasn’t for this group I never would have tried salmon or halibut, both of which I love now!

Now to figure out what to pack for my WW lunch – something that doesn’t need heating up, and I have about 10 minutes to put it together. Smile with tongue out

Make it a great day!