I survived my babysitting weekend!  I kept him alive, so all is well šŸ˜€  I know what you may be thinking “but Biz, you are a Mom!” and I know that, but after not being around little kids for a while, I tend to forget how much work it is.  Not actual work, but you pretty much need to pay attention to a six year old boy all.the.time.  Unless we come home and he sees Jacob and then I was pretty much ignored – it was “boy time” and I wasn’t allowed. 

I picked him up around 1 on Sunday and his Mom picked him up around noon on Sunday.  He’s got asthma, and lots of food allergies, so I kept having to remind myself what he could and couldn’t eat.  When I asked him what he thought he might like for dinner he said “I like any kind of taco.”  Done.  He’s gluten free, dairy free and nut free, so corn tortilla with  beef tacos, salsa and guacamole all worked.

I loved this shirt he wore šŸ˜€

While I made him my famous (ha!) crispy corn tacos, I decided to make mine into romaine lettuce tacos, and this was delicious.  My whole plate came in at 8 smart points.  

This little boy also loves to have a bonfire and when we were at the store he told me “I think its a good idea if we buy stuff to make smores.”  I opted for gluten free cookies in place of the graham crackers, and he can eat dark chocolate.  Biggest #nsv – I didn’t eat a single marshmallow!  But if I did, I’d eat them just like C made them – nice and toasty!

Sunday I went to my friends house to have a wonton making lunch – her son M LOVES wontons, so it was fun to have him as my sous chef.  And yes, I realize I have shit in my teeth, but this picture was too cute not to post.

It took us maybe 30 minutes to make 50 wontons – I made pork, red cabbage and ginger ones, and shrimp, tofu, carrot and broccoli.  So good. I made fried rice at home and then made quick pan fried sugar snap peas as a side.  I had everything to make this lunch at home already – the only thing I needed to pick up was wonton wrappers. 


My plate – it was fun showing them how to make a dish as a family – and they joked that I should come over every Sunday for lunch. šŸ˜€

Our weather was stunning this weekend – other than an overnight storm on Saturday night, it was blue skies and cool temps around 70 degrees – love.

I stopped by another friends house on my way home – I was able to catch up with this family for an hour between their daughters softball games – promise I’ll have the girls over for a sleep over this summer. 

While I have no gardening skills at all, every year they are tweaking their garden – this time going high with the fencing – the animals where we live will stop at nothing to eat everything in your garden before you have a chance to pick it.

When I got home, I napped for a solid hour.  It was glorious.  The dogs and I snuggled in, there was a gorgeous breeze, and it was perfect.

When I woke up, I saw that a friend of mine had made biscuits, and they looked so good, I decided right then and there that I was going to make biscuits too.  Although I decided to try to use as little fat in the biscuit and see how they turned out.  My friends recipe called for full fat sour cream and six tablespoons of butter.  I subbed in Greek yogurt and only 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

I mixed 3/4 cup of plain Greek yogurt with 3 tablespoons of soy milk, then set aside.

In a food processor I added all the dry ingredients, then pulsed in the coconut oil.  Then in a large bowl, added the dry ingredients and with a fork, folded in the yogurt mixture.

I know I have biscuit cutters, but Hannah probably decided that was a kitchen tool that wasn’t used very often, hence, it’s probably sitting in my basement for items she’s deemed “I don’t need.”   Ha!  So a mason jar worked just fine.  

Since the coconut oil was room temperature, I put the biscuits in the freezer for ten minutes before baking.

Then brushed with a bit of heavy cream, and added flaked sea salt and cracked pepper and baked for 15 minutes on my baking steel.

Um, these turned out amazing.  Light, still “buttery” considering there isn’t any butter in the recipe, and a perfect crust because of the baking steel.  

I got 7 biscuits out of this recipe and after putting this in the WW recipe builder, each one is 5 points.  So worth it.

The only thing I’d change is that I don’t think I’d do the heavy cream wash again, they were a bit pale on the top, so with two minutes left to cook, I flipped them to get some color on the top.


Happy Monday!  Timehop reminded me today that I met my late husband EIGHTEEN years ago today – so crazy!  I miss him every day, but happy that I was blessed with a love like that at least once in my life.  #blessed

Oh, and if you made it down this far, I lost -1.6 last week – I didn’t let a little hate mail get in my way of having a great week.