Dear whoever wrote me the following “notes.”  I obviously know you will read this and I will address this only once and burn these in my fire pit.

I don’t know who you think you are that you can write so much hateful things to someone you don’t really even know.  I’ve never passed myself off as a fashion blogger, I don’t mind buying my clothes at thrift stores and Goodwill, because that’s within my budget, and I’ve never said I was a professional chef or photographer.

You can say anything you want to me – I can take it.  But to actually call out my daughter and son-in-law?  That’s not fucking right.  You don’t know them – how hard they work and love and support each other.  

And for the record – everyone in the Weight Watcher Community is championing around me after I posted this on my Instagram live last night.  To the tune of at least 500 new followers and as of this morning 374 people leaving me direct messages telling me to keep sharing my stories and food and ignore the idiots. 

You are not my friend.  Friends don’t say things like that to each other.  Do you want to know what friends say to one another?

  • “you are an incredible person and the comedy and writing is top notch”
  • “I adore you . . . you are beautiful inside and out.”
  • “We love the Biz show!  Keep on keeping on Biz!”
  • “you and your family are the real thing – friendly, funny – I love your recipes – keep up the great job!”
  • “don’t let those nasty notes bother you – I love everything about you!”
  • “don’t let the bitches get you down”
  • “you are awesome and srew that person.  You motivate many of us.  Keep doing you!”
  • “you are strong and awesome and I (or is it me?!) for one, LOVE watching your tories and feed.  I love how real you are.  I know this sad person is not going to phase you, your daughter, or your son-in-law, keep on keeping on!”

I could go on with another 300+ nice comments 😀

“Hope this helps.”  Well, it doesn’t.  I’ve explained over and over that if it weren’t being on Weight Watchers I could easily be up 20 pounds this year.  The WW Community are some of the nicest, strong willed women I have ever come across – and those people are my friends – not you.

Want proof?  My Instagram friend Maranda posted this last night and I saw it this morning.  She goes on to say that “this community is full of love and support, however, there is a nasty side of social media that rears it’s ugly head from time to time.  I watched something tonight that really bothers me (my live post on Instagram which will still be up for another 12 hours).  One of my favorite accounts to follow @mybizzykitchen  (who makes amazing meals, her IG photos are gorgeous & her sense of humor cracks me up) got hate mail.”  She goes on to say” please don’t let the comments of a few pigs keep you form continuing to inspire tons of people with your low point ww meals on our blog.  Just know I’m here supporting you!”

Dear Hater.  Please just don’t follow me if my life upsets you that much.  I seriously will not waste another post on this insanity.  

I am not mad.  I only feel sorry for you that you have nothing better going on in your life than to write me this shit.  

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to put on that bathing suit.