What a gross day to go back to work yesterday, but I guess I don’t mind sitting at my desk when it’s a rainy day.  My feet got soaked though on my walk to my office from the train station.  I have rain boots, but they aren’t comfy to walk long distances.  Anyone own a pair of comfy rain boots, and if so, what brand?

I confessed on Instagram yesterday that I really haven’t religiously tracked my food for weeks.  Sure if I write a recipe I’ll know the points, and I’ve been kind of “eye balling” points as I go, but I haven’t really been giving Weight Watchers 100% of my attention.  That being said, I vowed to get blue dots Monday through Friday this week.  Yesterday was a success!

I started my day with this breakfast sandwich – the bread is Light & Fit brand from Aldi – 2 points, I used laughing cow cheese spread on the bread for my cheese (1) and 2 ounces of fat free ham (1) for a 4 point breakfast.

I have not gone grocery shopping, and other than buying some fruit at the French Market this morning on my way to work, I know I have enough stuff to get me to the weekend.  I had leftover spaghetti, Phoenix Bean tofu that I bought at the farmers market last Thursday, and I found a bag of unopened sugar snap peas.  Yum!  Lunch came in at 7 points.

My sister and I ended up walking Macy’s because of the weather.  She stopped in her tracks and said how much she loved this jeans jacket.  I was like “hell no.”  I did a quick poll, and after 272 votes, you are in the minority Jenn. πŸ˜€  I have to laugh though because I have no fashion sense whatsoever.  There are times I am dressed and ready to leave the house and Hannah will ask “is that what you are wearing outside?!”

If you guys haven’t tried these protein bars from Weight Watchers, they are so good.  Three points, but totally worth it – my train snack for the ride home last night.

Jacob’s grandpas birthday was yesterday and he came over for dinner.  Hannah made dinner and it was delicious.  I made it work with the points I had left for the day.  My dinner came in at 11 points – pork tenderloin, new potatoes and potato salad, and I ended the day with 24/23 points – which gave me my first blue dot for the day.


And I got my steps in and then some!


When I left off my One Tank of Gas post yesterday, I told you that I would continue with Asparagus Fest!  After getting rained on at the farmers market earlier in the day, while still chilly, the rain went away and we drove to a town called Empire for Asparagus Fest.

I love fests like this because it’s great people watching.  I’ve got so many ideas for asparagus recipes!

First up is this asparagus chili – OMG, so good!  White bean chili with asparagus and jalapeno, finished with bacon and queso fresco.  I told the chef I wanted to recreate that when I got home, and he gave me his phone number and said I could text him and he’d give me the recipe – yes!  I’ll definitely share this with you – I can imagine it’s too many points, but there may be heavy cream??

Here is the chef talking about the chili – so good.

By far the longest line was the tempura battered asparagus with lemon aioli.  Holy balls was this fantastic – the lemon aioli made this dish, and I think I can come up with a lightened up version using plain Greek yogurt – I am sure this was all mayo πŸ˜€ 

The batter was light and crisp, we were basically licking the plate to get every bit of that aioli.

I had a couple beers at the fest – my favorite was this lemon beer – I can’t remember the brewery though, but so light and summery.

One of the ideas to recreate at home – asparagus, corn and black bean salsa to go over tacos – um, yes please!

And Jacky, I thought of you when I saw the asparagus and ramp street corn with candied bacon – how amazing does that sound?!

I also want to recreate the asiago asparagus soup with roasted garlic.  I haven’t even had breakfast yet, but my mouth is watering just thinking about that soup.

We spent a couple hours at the fest and then walking around the little shops.  

These were interesting – they were made out of cement!

We made it home around 6 after leaving the house around 9!  It was such a fun day.  As luck would have it, we found a Weber kettle grill at a garage sale for $10, and a charcoal chimney at another for $2.  My cousin had bought steaks for us to have for dinner.  We baked potatoes and roasted potatoes and peppers and it was delicious.  We ended up splitting one steak between us.  Nothing wrong with having leftover steak to have later in the week.


This mini trip was just what I needed.  Instead of dwelling on what I am missing (the life I thought I’d have with Tony) I realize that I have to create my happiness without him.  

So today, I choose happiness.  πŸ˜€