I am loving this weather – when I left the house yesterday morning it was 48 degrees.  Love.

9.28.17 015

When I got downtown the were handing out free yogurt on the corner right by my building, so duh, free food, of course I grabbed one.  Then quickly scanned it and realized it was 250 calories and 11 points – super high in sugar, so I gave it to the twenty something girl when I got to work – she loved it by the way.  

9.28.17 021

This is the last of my banana bread, so I need to make some more this weekend.  I just love how tiny this loaf is.  4 points for the bread and 2 for the egg.

9.28.17 025

My sister had a work lunch, so I was on my own for lunch.  Sadly just as I was leaving to go to Weight Watchers, my boss came in and needed something done right away and I didn’t finish until nearly 1 p.m.  I had to get some cash for the farmers market, and didn’t realize there was a giant food court in the Chase building a few blocks from my office.  

9.28.17 032

I had taco soup for lunch, so I hit up the salad bar and for $1.07 got some pickled jalapenos, radish and crispy tortilla strips to accessorize my soup.

9.28.17 033

I can’t wait to cook up this delicata squash – it’s been all over Instagram – the skin is thin enough that you can eat it.  Since I went to the market during the last hour they were closing, each squash was only $1 each.  

9.28.17 035

Spicy taco soup #yassss

9.28.17 042

This dinner below screams fall to me.  Potatoes, green beans and pork chops with a maple horseradish mustard sauce.  These pork chops were thin, so only took about 1:20 each side.  I microwaved two small new potatoes and green beans, then once I took the pork chop out of the pan, Pam fried the potatoes and green beans.  Removed those to my plate, then made a quick pan sauce:  1/3 cup bone broth (you can use chicken or beef broth) 1 tablespoon corn starch, 1 teaspoon horseradish mustard and 1 teaspoon maple syrup.  Just cook for one minute until it thickens up, and pour over your plate – delish!  This plate was 9 points.

9.28.17 050

I bought this Halo Top last weekend and tried it for the first time last night – um, this might be my new favorite flavor.  I ate 1/2 the container which I think is 4 smart points.  #worthit

9.28.17 056

Since Jacob bought his new car, there was no reason for me to keep Tony’s car.  I took some pictures before I went to work, and put the ad up and within 5 minutes, the car sold.  A guy in the town next to me paid cash for it last night.  I had no idea it would sell that quickly, and before I knew it, the last giant tangible reminder of Tony was gone.

9.28.17 004

Jacob and Hannah went to his grandparents last night, and before they left Jacob asked if I was okay, and of course I said yes.  That’s what I do – make sure everyone around me is fine and worry about myself last.

When I said goodnight, Jacob again asked me if I was okay, and I said yes again, and he said “you are just going to go into your bedroom and cry, aren’t you?”  Why yes, yes I am!  He knows me too well already.

I cried it out for a few minutes, took a deep breath, then just . . . let it go.

It’s time to concentrate on all the good things going on – Hannah’s wedding, my niece Sarah’s wedding in November – the upcoming holidays.  It’s all good.

Here is my motivation for the day.   Believe you can and it will.  Believe that there is life after grief and it will happen.

I am so excited for tomorrow – I am working at The Chopping Block for Apple Fest!  Can’t wait – any Chicago peeps I’ll be working 10-6 if you are in the area – we will have pork on the Big Green Egg, Apple pie and hard apple cider and apple cider liquor.   I am excited to see my friends there – it’s my happy place!

Happy Friday – believe you can and it will – so make it a great day!