I don’t mind the commute to work at all.  Most of the time.  I do my blog post on the train ride in, catch up on news, social media, etc.  The hour goes by quick!  Until yesterday, I looked up from my laptop and thought “I am not sure we’ve moved in a while.”  My train ended up being 50 minutes late, and with my ten minute walk to work, I was 45 minutes later for work.  I normally get to my desk at 8:55, but didn’t clock in until 9:45.  

While I was on the train, my sister sent me a text of her breakfast – peanut butter and banana toast!  I was like “shut the front door – I have the same thing!”  Except I drizzled mine with granola instead of her chia seeds.  I didn’t eat this until 10:30, so it was find just as it was.  I brought a hard boiled egg and ham on the side, but ditched that in the end.  Two points for the Aldi Light and Fit Bread, two points for two teaspoons reduced fat Jif, the bananas and two points worth of granola.

I ended up making the time up at lunch yesterday and only took a 15 minute lunch.  I hit up Freshii for lunch – that is their buddha satay bowl.  I chose chicken as my protein.  Only one tiny problem with that – I had like four nickel size pieces of chicken in that whole bowl!  Still waiting for a response from them – that added $1.99 to my bowl with the extra chicken and not quite sure I got my monies worth.  

This was good, but when I looked up the points, the peanut sauce alone was 7 points.  Luckily I had stir fry sauce and sriracha at my desk and used just a drizzle of the peanut sauce for taste.  I didn’t even finish it all, so counted lunch at 8 points.

If you can find that Ying’s stir fry sauce, buy it.  It’s only 15 calories a tablespoon and super flavorful.

I was night secretary last night, but only had to stay 30 minutes late.  I was surprised it was a bit chilly on the walk to the train, but gorgeous.  Not complaining one bit.

When I got home Hannah was out with the dogs – when Roman stops to look at me when I call his name is priceless.

And Rummy was on the driveway side looking for me – but she got so excited once she saw me. #love

I really had no idea what I was going to make for dinner.  It’s kind of funny that tacos didn’t jump right out at me it being Tuesday – taco Tuesday!  I defrosted a boneless skinless chicken breast, and then just started pulling stuff out – mushrooms, roasted red peppers, leftover corn and beans from the weekend at my Mom’s.  I only used a teaspoon of oil to saute that whole pan, so basically the filling is zero points when divided by four servings.

I am sure you’ve heard of Bolthouse Farms dressings – this one is one of my favorites.  Not only great on salads, but great as a dressing on my tacos – tastes like avocado sour cream to me – yum!  Two tablespoons is one point.  The only points on my plate are 4 for the taco shells and 4 for the 1/3 cup cheese.

bolthouse farms avocado green goddess

I have to give a shout out to Jacob’s grandpa.  While I wasn’t home on Mother’s Day until late that night, he brought over Mother’s Day flowers for me.  It’s another holiday without his wife, and I thought it was such a nice gesture that he bought me flowers.  Thank you John!!

I am hoping to do a clean sweep of my desk today.  I am sure I am not alone that the work on your desk keeps coming in and stuff that isn’t important, but still needs to get done, gets pushed to the side.   I’m hoping to tackle that ever growing pile today – wish me luck!

Hoping to walk with my sister today at lunch – its going to be a gorgeous day – sunny and in the 60s!  

Happy Wednesday my friends – make it a great day!