While I didn’t have lunch planned, I can always count on my Chobani breakfast parfait.  Simple, easy, delicious and most important, filling!  I’ve been whittling down my office plates, glasses, etc. in anticipation of the office move, and realized I had nothing to put my parfait in.  I found this rocks glass in the shared office kitchen – I love that it says Glenlevit on it šŸ˜€ 

4.18.17 005

So I don’t know what provoked me to stop at Dunkin Donuts to pick this up on my way to work.  It’s a reduced fat blueberry muffin that when I looked on the app as I was getting off the train, thought read 7 points and totally knew I could incorporate that into my points for the day.

4.18.17 007

It was delicious by the way.  Light, fluffy, with a nice crunchy sugar topping.  It was then that I was admiring the sugar topping that I realized I needed to add it to my food for the day on the app, and wouldn’t you know it – it was SEVENTEEN points, not 7.  I really need to get reading glasses.  Like for real.  I was proofing documents at work and I was literally holding them as far away from my face so I could read the words.  I turn 49 and then all of a sudden I need reading glasses! šŸ˜›

So lunch wasn’t Roti Mediterranean like I thought I was going to have after that misstep, so I got chicken noodle soup from Pret for 4 points. 

4.18.17 009

Works crazy as usual, although I am not getting done what I want, but I realized last night going to bed that I am just going to do the best I can, and whatever doesn’t get done, just gets moved to the new office and I’ll have to deal with it after the move.  About 4:30 I felt my blood sugar start to drop.  It’s also at that moment that I realized I had nothing in my desk – no candy, fruit, etc.  (Mom, I’ve brought stuff to stock my desk today, so don’t worry!).  I remembered that a secretary on another floor always has candy on her desk and I ate 5 baby Twix bars, which were about the equivalent to a regular Twix bar, and 12 smart points later and 10 minutes later, I was fine.  

4.18.17 021

When I walked into the kitchen and Hannah and Jacob were elbow deep in their dinner prep, Jacob was making bone broth, so I let them have the kitchen, got into my comfy clothes and started watching The Voice on my DVR.  I finally just threw a frozen DiGiornio pizza in the oven, had a slice of pizza and was in bed by 10:30.

4.18.17 027

So while I had 12 points the day before, yesterday I had 47.  Truth be told, I wanted to eat everything yesterday – when I have low blood sugars like that, I just want to continue eating and felt like stopping at CVS and buying a whole bag of chocolate chip cook cookies, because who cares?!  I already ate so much, so why not more?

But, luckily I stopped myself.  When I think about it 12 +47 is 59 – which is 1 point under the 60 points I was allotted for the last two days.  

I’ve made a ham and spinach egg white omelet for breakfast, and will get Roti for lunch and I am going to bake off some bone in chicken breasts (or grill if weather permits) for dinner tonight and protein for later in the week.

I am in control of my food, not the other way around.  I just need to remind myself sometimes.