Our weather has been gorgeous.  Well deserved after our seemingly never ending winter.  I didn’t even need a jacket on my walk to work yesterday from the train.  It’s funny because some people are still wearing UGG boots, while others are wearing sundresses.

I already knew yesterday was going to be busy because I left so much stuff on my desk on Friday afternoon – all three of my bosses had rushes – um, I am only one person.  I hit the ground running and finally put my breakfast together around 10.  One leftover taco (3), the guts from the taco filling (2) and watermelon.

Jenn and I walked at lunch.  I love that all the fountains are ready for summer.

I brought zucchini lasagna – no real recipe for this – I used the last of my Italian bolognese recipe from Nicole’s cookbook – I used mushrooms and 99% fat free ground turkey, so the sauce is barely 1 point.  I just did layers of sliced zucchini for the noodles, and added one ounce of Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella in the middle and another ounce on top – so basically 3 points for that serving.  I accessorized with a side salad – just 1 point for the dressing.  Zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables.  So much so, that after the first few months Jacob lived with me, he told me “I’ve eaten more zucchini in the last three months than I have the prior 23 years of living.”   Now it’s a running joke that when I am making dinner I’ll ask Jacob “do you want zucchini?!”

I could have easily worked a couple more hours last night, but I just turned off my computer and got the hockey puck out of there.  I did a lot of meal prep this weekend, a lot of it on my grill.  By the time I got home the kadults had already eaten, so it was just me.  Only one tiny problem – I didn’t feel like anything I prepped.  

I saw a package of ramen noodles, and then the ball started to roll – I had chicken bone broth, I picked the meat off of a grilled chicken thigh, added some hot curry powder to the broth and baby spinach and ramen soup was ready in 10 minutes.

It was delicious!  I didn’t use the seasoning packet that came with the Ramen noodles, I just used the noodles.  I weighed the dried noodles and it was 2.5 ounces.  I put that in my WW app, and it came in at 6 points.  The chicken was 2, the bone broth 1 – so this giant bowl of deliciousness was 9 points and I ate every bite.

Guess where I am going tonight?  The Cubs game.  I know!  Long time readers will know that Tony and I are White Sox fans.  Um, Tony was such a fan that after he died, the Sun Times ran a whole article about him and his love of the White Sox and at the time, reminding Cubs fans how long it had been since they won a World Series.  I find it kind of ironic that Tony didn’t live long enough to see the Cubs win the World Series.

It should be fun though – the weather is supposed to be gorgeous.  Um, is it okay if I am more looking forward to what kind of ball park food I can get than the Cubs actually playing?!   

Kidding aside, I love baseball, so I know I will have fun.  

Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!