If I had worn my fitbit the last four days before yesterday, I may have walked 500 steps a day.  If that.  While I am still not 100%, I knew I had to get to work – one day away from work means two days to catch up.  Hannah was my Uber yesterday and she took this picture of me from across the train station.  I love that you can’t even see my eyes!

Oh, and totally snowing on April 9.  We have one more day of cold weather and I think we may hit 60 degrees tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

I had every intention of eating these hash brown muffins for breakfast yesterday, but I hit the ground running as soon as I sat down.  I had a bag of mixed fruit on the train, so I wasn’t starving, and to be honest, wasn’t all that hungry. 

I never took a picture of it, but this Premier Protein bar is my favorite.  30 grams of protein and 300 calories – and 9 smart points.  Hard to think that 300 calories is 9 points, but this kept me full for hours.

My sister and I bought a couple of these packages of ramen – they use rice noodles so they are gluten free.  I had a package at home last week for lunch when I was sick, and it was delicious and 7 points for the whole package.

Hannah, being the best caretaker ever, made my lunch yesterday.  She made me a ramen soup using another package of these noodles.  Well, we learned that these are best eaten when made.  Sitting in the liquid overnight, the noodles sucked up all the broth, which wouldn’t have been too bad but the noodle texture then almost disintegrated in your mouth, much like cotton candy.  It was still thoughtful Hannah!  

I ended up having peanut butter toast for 5 points and that held me until I got home.

Those purple flowers from Trader Joe’s are still going strong on week 5!  Hannah did her shopping yesterday morning, and she picked up these flowers – so springy!

I used one of my recipes for dinner last night, although last time I called them shrimp and grits, when in actuality I made shrimp and polenta.  I was under the impression those two were the same thing, but when I posted that picture a few weeks ago on Instagram, my southern peeps were like “Biz, grits are nothing like polenta!”  

So yesterday I used grits.  I cheated though and used the microwave, so this came together in no time.  I followed the same instructions for the shrimp is in my recipe you can find here, but for the grits, I just put 1/4 cup of grits (4) with one cup water in a 4 cup measuring cup and microwaved for five minutes.  Done.

The verdict though?  I think I liked it with polenta better – it was creamier to me.  I still love grits, but for this dish, I think I’ll stick with the polenta base.

Since I am no where near ready to work out yet, I have to be really careful with my food choices this week.  I am happy that while I didn’t have the most nutritious day, I came in within my points for the day.

So I survived my first day back at work.  Even though I had people be my legs (I didn’t hesitate to call office services to have them do my accounting runs) I still managed to walk 9500 steps.  

I am about 10% better than I was yesterday, so I hope that trend continues.  Ain’t nobody got time for bronchitis!

Happy Tuesday friends – make it a great day!