How is it possible that we raise the bar every time we get together?  Ha!  I am not kidding, but after each and every dinner, we declare it “this is the best yet!”

Last night’s theme was Spring!  It was the first day of spring, so even if it didn’t feel like it outside, it tasted like it at the table.

Courtney made these delicious spring rolls – I’ve never had any luck with the wrapping of spring rolls, and these were delicious – she made a peanut sauce on the side – so good!

Sauvignon Blanc – nothing says spring like this wine!

Mary Beth made the classic wedge salad – that was my late husbands favorite salad and if it was on a menu, he ordered it.  She made a light homemade blue cheese dressing that was amazing.  

Tina was our head chef.  You guys have to follow her blog – you can find the recipe for her ricotta dumplings here.  She’s an amazing cook.  This dish was so simple yet complex at the same time.  Deliciously light dumplings placed in lemony chicken broth with crisp tender asparagus.  Swoon.  I cannot wait to recreate this dish.


Julie made a duo of vegan chilled soups.  First was a carrot and ginger soup with charred corn and jalapeno with fresh herbs.  The other was an asparagus and avocado soup with radish.  If I could have licked those bowls, I would have!

And because life is all about balance, Donna’s chocolate pudding cake with chocolate chips and vanilla bean ice cream was the perfect ending to our super light dinner.   She makes the best desserts!  

Then Courtney’s husband brought us espresso.  Something about piping hot coffee in a tiny cup makes me very happy.  Thanks Will!

I couldn’t let it pass that Courtney has my dream spice drawer!!  One day!

They surprised me with a birthday card and gifts.  Thanks ladies!  Do they fucking get me, or what?!

Best journal evah.

I made an orzo pasta salad with fresh basil, spinach, blueberries, feta cheese, shaved pecorino romano cheese with rosemary marcona almonds.


“Learn how to cook, try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless and above all have fun! ~ Julia Child

Thanks ladies for the birthday song and friendship.  

Happy Thursday friends, make it a great day!