I used the last of my avocado (er, Hannah’s avocado!) for my breakfast yesterday – I managed to save about 1/4 of it because the rest was bad.  This is a breakfast I think I could eat every day and never get sick of it.  Low carb toast, one hard boiled egg mashed with 1/4 avocado and fruit on the side for six points.  It must be the protein in the egg, but this keeps me full for hours.

I could finally walk yesterday at lunch and my sister had to work through lunch – doh!  It was so cold though I didn’t go that far – the wind was so strong that it felt like the teens.  Spring, where are you?!!  I do like this shot below though.  I can’t tell you though how many people I see driving in the “bus only” lane though.

I still had my defrosted New York strip I had to use up last night and had a taste for lo mein.  Not sure how authentic my dish was, but it was delish.  Tip:  If you are only cooking for one, hit up your salad bar for veggies for stirfry.  I spent $3.15 cents and had just enough for dinner – no waste!

After eating my beef stew for the second day in a row for lunch, and it tasting better than the day before, I recreated the recipe for you guys because this is so easy and delicious.  I just used my cast iron skillet to cook on the stovetop for a couple hours and it was ready.

When we (Hannah) cleaned out my pantry, I had this bottle of beer leftover from their wedding when we had people over.  I could have sworn it was a Sam Adams, but I have photo proof that I used Shock Top belgian ale – delicious by the way. 


You’ll probably be asking yourself – Biz, what about the potatoes – you have to have potatoes in beef stew!  Well, Jacob doesn’t want potatoes in his beef stew, only cooked carrots and beef, so when I am about to put my bowl together, I just heat up canned potatoes and add that to my dish.  It was funny because I had to go to a different floor to find a can opener at work yesterday.  A woman around my age said “what is that??”  I told her it was canned potatoes, and she said she’d never heard of that before.  Then she asked me what they tasted like and she was a bit surprised that I told her they tasted like . . . potatoes!

I put this in the recipe builder and it is 7 smart points per serving on #wwfreestyle – 8 points #backto30

I love, love the flavors of this stew – the tang of the Dijon mustard, the saltiness from the Worcestershire sauce, the tender meat and flavorful cooked carrots.  It’s a hug in a bowl if you ask me.  

The kadults had other ideas for dinner, so it was just me.  I cut 3 ounces off of a New York strip (Jacob ate the rest) and left a bit of the fat on for flavor.  There isn’t really a recipe for this dish, but I know I’ll get asked questions on the side so here goes:

  • cook lo mein or spaghetti – or best yet, this is perfect for leftover spaghetti because if you are like me you’ll make four times the amount you need!
  • add a bit of oil to a non-stick pan, cook veggies 1-2 minutes
  • add in beef, cook for 30 seconds
  • add in 1 cup of cooked pasta, cook for 30 seconds
  • add sauce of choice (I used P.F. Chang Sesame sauce and sriracha) toss the lo mein to get all the veggies and pasta coated with the sauce
  • plate – season with everything but the bagel seasoning and dried parsley – dinner is served!

This sauce is really good and only 1 smart point (35 calories) for two tablespoons.

This was delicious and I ate every bite.  I used one cup pasta (6), three ounces beef (3), 1 teaspoon coconut oil (1) and the sauce (1) for an 11 point dinner.  Best part is that this only took 10 minutes from start to finish.

I am finally going to Weight Watchers tomorrow after missing it for three weeks.  I imagine I’ll have a gain after all of Hannah’s goodies for her birthday (did you see the Portillo’s chocolate cake?!) but I am totally fine with it.  I need to reign it in – March is our birthday month and I have to not treat the whole month like its my birthday. 😛

I got a new smoker that was sent to me from Pit Barrel that I hope to try this weekend using a whole chicken.  It’s going to be a balmy 43 degrees tomorrow, but at least it will be sunny, so stay tuned for that next week.

Happy Friday friends – make it a great day!