I was expecting to have a productive day yesterday clearing a bunch of little stuff off my desk, but instead, with a couple secretaries out, I became the “go to girl” and it was a busy day.  I didn’t even eat this breakfast until nearly 10:00!  1 1/4 cup shredded potatoes cooked in 1 teaspoon grape seed oil (2), 3 ounces of steak (3) and an egg (2)** with kiwi on the side.  #7 point breakfast.

steak and egg hash

My window to take lunch came and went, and finally ate my beef tacos at 2:30.  Two corn tortillas (3), 2 ounces of beef (2), 1/8 cup reduced fat Trader Joe’s Mexican blend (1) and romaine and cabbage.

Beef Tacos!

While I worked through lunch, I did leave at the dot of 5:00 – it’s funny because people will ask me “wow, you are leaving on time today?!”

My daughter in law posted her vegan Superbowl snacks on her YouTube Channel last week, and I’ve seen these buffalo cauliflower bites all around Instagram – I needed them!


These were so light – the cauliflower had the slightest bite to it, not mushy at all.  I heated the Frank’s sauce with the ghee and tossed the cauliflower in the sauce, and served with celery sticks and Bolthouse Farms cilantro cucumber dressing.

Not kidding, I am writing this on my way to work this morning and my mouth is literally drooling thinking about these.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

I also have to laugh because until about 8 years ago, I never even ate cauliflower and told myself that it was a vegetable that I just didn’t like.  Now I love it!  Except raw – not a huge fan of it raw.

If you love cauliflower though, I have a few more recipes you may like – cauliflower mac n cheese, broccoli cauliflower gratin,  and you’ll totally appreciate my lack of photography skills on this cauliflower soup with crispy bread crumbs from 2009 – you’re welcome for that (note to self – update some of the photography on older posts!)


You may notice that I counted points for the egg in my breakfast – and that’s because I’ve decided to count points for the free stuff I was eating (except for fruits and veggies – unless I have more than one banana per day).  I think I may be eating too much which is why the scale isn’t moving. 

The only problem is using the app because if I were to put in 3 ounces of chicken, it would tell me it’s zero points – however a woman on connect found a way to still use the app – I will post all the details tomorrow.


Happy Wednesday – make it a great day and Chicago peeps – keep warm!