It’s always difficult to get back in the swing of a regular work week, especially since I had a three day work week two weeks in a row.  I woke up thinking “I’ve got to work five days in a row?!”  I’ll take this weather though!

11.27.17 020

I didn’t drink near enough water over the weekend.  At my desk I have no problem keeping my water glass full – that is a 24 ounce Ball jar that I use as my drinking glass and I drank three of those before noon – dehydrated much?!  Lunch was a bagel thin breakfast sammie for 7 points.

11.27.17 023

My left knee has been bothering me for about a week.  I have nothing to associate with the knee pain, I didn’t fall or anything like that, but it will wake me up in the middle of the night with pain.  My sister had a bad knee a while back and is going to give me her PT exercises.  So instead of walking around a lot, we walked around the Christkindlmarket at Daley Center.  So many snowmen!

11.27.17 032

Some of the stuff is very pricey, but I spent $15 on two really cute snowmen. 

11.27.17 040

Um, did I mention the food here?  Spiced wine and beer tent, gourmet stuffed pretzels, sausages, fried cheese, fresh roasted and seasoned nuts.  Oh my!  So much temptation everywhere, but I stuck with the lunch I brought.  But, I will be buying some sauerkraut soon – it smelled so good!

11.27.17 038

These pretzels were the size of our heads!

11.27.17 037

My lunch was a bean cake with spicy shrimp, rice and spinach – 8 points of deliciousness.  

11.27.17 044

I love Chicago at Christmastime – I love all the lights – so pretty!  When I left the office last night at 5:40, it was 51 degrees!

11.27.17 048

I didn’t do a full grocery shop because we have tons of food (by the way, if Hannah and Jacob buy their own food, I don’t eat it – however, I did steal some of their cucumbers and grapes for this picky plate!).  I didn’t know what I felt like last night – I could have had another turkey burger, turkey tacos, pasta – but in the end, this is what sounded good – a picky plate!

11.27.17 071

Um, someone thought I should share with him – you know, just in case I dropped anything.  

11.27.17 066

Next week I have Cooking Club – my favorite of the year because we do heavy appetizers and desserts.  I am on the appetizer list and wondered if you had any suggestions for me?  It has to be something that I can make ahead since I’ll be going straight from work to get there.  I thought shrimp cocktail, but that seems a bit simple, no?!  

In case you need it, here is the perfect way to make shrimp cocktail at home, no matter what size shrimp you use – it’s the only way I make shrimp cocktail.  I can’t believe I posted this in 2009!

Happy Tuesday!  Make it a great day!