The last sick day I took was in December 2014, and it wasn’t for me, it was Tony.  So it takes a lot for me not to go to work.  I’ve talked about having a nagging cough for a few weeks.  Annoying, but nothing too bad, I figured it would just run its course.

But yesterday at work, I went through being freezing, to boiling hot, feeling feverish.  Something wasn’t right.  

So I went to urgent care after work, and confirmed – acute bronchitis – I seem to be prone to it.  I think I’ve had it at least once a year for the last several years.

So I took a sick day.  Hannah made me tea and toast.  I went to bed at 9:15 last night.  Woke about about four times with coughing bouts, and didn’t wake up until 9!

Hannah has given me strict orders not to move today.  Of course, being home I want to be bizzy in my kitchen, but I know rest is what I need.  I still managed to get 10,100 steps yesterday!

Happy Thursday – make it a great day!