What a whirlwind weekend!  I knew it would go by fast, but it seemed we literally landed in Dallas and I blinked and we were on the plane back home.  Um, I may have taken 503 pictures from Friday to Sunday!  I decided to start with the rehearsal dinner on Friday night.  It was at a place called RJ Mexican Cuisine which I think is in downtown Dallas?

11.18.17 S. Wed 111

They had delicious thin and crispy tortilla chips and queso and I chose the steak tacos, and picked out all the onions and put them on my daughters plate.  You know, I am just so generous sometimes!

11.18.17 S. Wed 117

Sarah, the bride is on the left – my Momma in the middle and Sarah’s sister Rachel at the restaurant.

11.18.17 S. Wed 122

When we left the restaurant it was 75 degrees!  It was so pretty.

11.18.17 S. Wed 124

Um, just to set the record straight, I am Sarah’s favorite Aunt.

11.18.17 S. Wed 140

The wedding wasn’t until 3:30 in the afternoon, so we had time to hit up the hotel buffet.  Um, biscuits and gravy?!  Yes please!  I did only eat half, even though I could have eaten three.

11.18.17 S. Wed 150

Sarah and her maid of honor met us about 20 minutes after we sat down, and being “crazy Aunt B” I yelled “my niece is getting married today!” and everyone in the restaurant started clapping.  You’re welcome Sarah!  You gotta be the center of attention the whole day!

11.18.17 S. Wed 157

We were spending the wedding night at the venue, and Jacob and I were hell bent that we were not going to leave Texas without hitting up Rudy’s BBQ.   We both said that if we lived within driving distance of Rudy’s we would eat there probably three nights a week.  Since we didn’t have a whole lot of time, we took it to go to eat in the car.  We got the moist brisket and turkey.  My Mom decided the turkey was her favorite.

11.18.17 S. Wed 163

Oh Lerd, that moist brisket!!  The smoke ring, the flavor, and while I love their BBQ sauce, no sauce is needed with this meat.  So good!

11.18.17 S. Wed 169

The venue was in Azle, Texas – which I had never heard of before.  They had all these small cabins on the property that they had rented out for the guests.  My Mom and I were roommates. 😀  How cute are these?!

11.18.17 S. Wed 172

My roommates – I love this picture of them.  And yes, in case you are wondering, they love Stranger Things. 😀

11.18.17 S. Wed 176

Isn’t Sarah beautiful??!!  I loved her dress, how her hair looked – everything.  So happy for you Sarah!

11.18.17 S. Wed 490

Mind you, I took these shots while the professional photographer was taking pictures, and a couple times the photographer was like “um, ma’am – can you move to the side?!”

11.18.17 S. Wed 328

Sarah’s gift to her father?  As soon as I read them, I cried.

11.18.17 S. Wed 356

My brother is a great Papa and when he started to tear up during his father of the bride speech, I just let the tears flow.

11.18.17 S. Wed 360

I love you Charlie and am so happy that I was able to be a small part of your daughter’s wedding day by cutting the wedding cake.

11.18.17 S. Wed 302

Is it just me, or did it feel like a couple weeks ago our girls were splashing and playing in the bathtub together?!   Thanks for such a fun weekend – you raised an amazing, smart and beautiful woman – you should be so proud!

Love, your favorite sister, Biz