That tall building is my new office! It’s super modern, and several notches up from our old space. I think they had been in that old location 30 years?!

It took me just over 12 minutes to walk from the train station – not too bad.  Since I had no idea how my day was going to start, I ate my breakfast on the train. Leftover steak (3) Cabot cheese (3), and sautéed apples (1) and mango.

I found my desk, started to unpack and my boss wanted me to move closer to him. So after a lot of shuffling around, I finally unpacked my desk around 3 in the afternoon.

Our lunchroom faces West but it’s still a pretty view – I am on the 41st floor.

I made a batch of lasagna soup Sunday night. So filling and delicious and is going to be my lunch again today. I think that’s batch 2.478 ?

My sister had the day off yesterday but I wanted to see how close her office was to mine – less than 5 minutes ?‍♂️???? Latinicity is half way between our offices so I know we will meet there often.  Jacky, I think we need to schedule a lunch for next week!

I did pick up a few things at the store on Sunday night. This zoodle bowl is worth every penny.  It’s a 14 ounce container and easily 3-4 servings.  As I was sautéing the veggies, I realized my 3 ounces of shrimp (1) and 1 tablespoon Szechwan sauce (1) meant my dinner was going to be 2 points! 

I found some leftover rice from the kadults takeout and added 3/4 cup to my dish, making my dinner 6 points.

It doesn’t look like it, but that was a lot of food for six points! 

I feel like I am starting to catch a cold. I think my breakneck pace these last few weeks is catching up with me. I am thrilled that I have no plans this weekend. It’s supposed to be rainy too so I think I need to make some homemade bread ? or scones.

And because they are so darn cute and I will miss them when the kadults move out, I’ll leave you with Roman and Rummy ?

Make it a great day!