This weekend was all the feels.  Happy for my step-son Joe and his wife celebrating the beginning of his 28th year on this earth with a trip to Belize.  Then Friday remembering all the things I used to do for Tony’s birthday, and September 22nd no longer felt special to me – it was just another day. 

I went out for Happy Hour as one of the paralegals I was worked for was leaving.  I hardly ever went out after work because I always just wanted to come home to Tony.  It’s funny, but even after nearly three years of him being gone, I still check my phone at times thinking “did he text me asking when I’d be home?”  I had three beers at happy hour and got home around 9.  Hannah and Jacob ordered pizza and I had some of that and another glass of wine.  I was having a pity party for one.

9.12.17we 028

I took pictures of everything I ate and drank, and when I tallied the damage Saturday morning, I had 49 points for “dinner.”   Part of me just wanted to go right back to bed, but I decided to face the music and make the 8:30 Weight Watchers meeting.

I lost 1.2.

9.12.17we 044

I allowed myself to let one night of out of control change my whole mindset of all the good things I did all week.  I also realize that I can’t do that every week, but I woke up Saturday with a new mindset.  I have so much good going on in my life right now, with Hannah and Jacob getting married in a few weeks, Jacob getting a job in his field, celebrating my Mom’s 77th birthday.  It’s a Wonderful Life.

9.12.17we 058

Hannah drove to my Mom’s house (she loves driving!) and I was playing around with the snap chat filters – this picture above had me laughing so hard – it thought my neck was another face!   Laughing is so good for my soul.  It’s a Wonderful Life.

9.12.17we 071

My Mom and Hannah – hard to believe my Mom’s oldest grandchild Hannah is going to be 26 on her next birthday!  

We did a very easy Mexican fiesta, where, as normal, I made enough food for a family of 15.  It’s always my rule of thumb to have too much than not enough.  To have a life where you have too much food?  It’s a Wonderful Life

9.12.17we 075

I realized I took mostly videos and posted them to my Instagram story, so I’ll post the beef marinade later this week – I made ground beef tacos as well as steak tacos.  On the side was my stovetop refried beans – so good!

9.12.17we 081

My sister bought this chocolate pie for dessert.  It was 6 servings, and there were six of us – perfect!  Until I scanned the box and discovered that one slice of pie was TWENTY SIX points.  So I had a fork bite, and had a glass of wine for dessert.  πŸ˜›

9.12.17we 084

Sunday morning has to be my favorite day of the week.  While I am productive, there seems to be a bit of a slower pace, time for that extra cup of coffee.  It’s a Wonderful Life.

I made Mexican breakfast pizza with some of the leftovers for brunch – this was 11 points and kept me full for hours.  So much so, that I only had granola and a banana before hitting the gym.  Any day I get to have pizza – it’s a Wonderful Life!

9.12.17we 102

Hannah told me on Saturday that my closet was bothering her.  Yes, I said that correctly.  MY closet was bothering her. She opened at the coffee shop yesterday, but at around 11:30 she texted me “are you ready?”  

She came home and pulled EVERYTHING out of my closet so it was completely empty. Again, I realized I took videos for my Instagram story, so took screen shots below, but you’ll get the idea.  Hannah said that the key to a closet is that someone could walk in, put an outfit together and you’d want to wear it.  If I hadn’t worn it in six months, if it was too big or too small, it went to the donation pile.

Ignore the pet stains in my carpet, which Hannah assures me when she rents a carpet cleaner, they will come up πŸ˜€

9.12.17we 104

Guess what?  I donated a CONTRUCTION size bag of clothes yesterday. 

9.12.17we 146

And those are my work clothes that made the cut.

9.12.17we 147

And in case you are wondering, yes I do have enough pajamas and comfy clothes to have a dedicated basket for them πŸ˜€  Having a daughter with excellent organizational skills?  It’s a Wonderful Life.

9.12.17we 148

The closet project only took two hours from beginning to end.  Hannah went to take a nap, and I went to the gym.  When I was just about to start my 30 minute circuit, I saw this couple below.  I believe that maybe the wife had a stroke, but I could hear her husband tell her “you’ll get your strength back!”  It was so touching how he was encouraging her as he pushed her to different exercise equipment.

9.12.17we 106

I then realized It’s a Wonderful Life that I am ABLE to workout.  I shouldn’t look at it as “I have to work out” rather “I can work out!”  It really pushed my workout.  I did the 30 minute circuit.

9.12.17we 111

Then did a walk/jog/sprint on the treadmill – my last one minute sprint was at 6.6 mph.  It’s a Wonderful Life.

9.12.17we 110

Do you guys rememer the episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dated a girl with man hands?  As soon as I saw this picture, that’s exactly what I thought of and started laughing out loud in the gym bathroom.  #klassy

9.12.17we 120

So while my weekend was an emotional roller coaster, I feel good about where I am.  I have so much to be thankful for and realize that live is for the living.  And while Tony isn’t here anymore, I am blessed to have had a love like I did.

It’s a Wonderful Life.