While I prefer a sunny day over rain or overcast, a rainy day is my brother’s favorite.  I had to snap this pic and send it to him yesterday.

9.14.17 005

I had more bubble up breakfast.  I think I am going to tweak this recipe over the weekend, adding more egg whites, veggies and reducing the biscuits.  I can’t believe I am about to say this out loud, but it’s almost too much bread. 

9.14.17 010

My sister has decided not to do Weight Watchers anymore and do her own thing, so I was solo at Weight Watchers.  A good leader makes all the difference, and even though I weigh in at home on the weekends, it never hurts to go to another meeting.  One of our members there Steve has lost 73 pounds and kept it off for the last two years.  He still comes to the meetings every week and still tracks everything – such in inspiration!

9.14.17 014

If I were going straight home last night I would have bought some of these mushrooms – how gorgeous are they?!

9.14.17 018

I got back to work and got slammed and didn’t eat my lunch until nearly 2:30 – not the prettiest picture, but this was my Cincinnati chili with an ounce of chips on the side for dipping.  I decided not to take insulin with lunch so that my blood sugar would be high enough for my 5k later.  It wasn’t until I finished the last bite that I was like “was chili the best choice before a run?!”  #fartparty

9.14.17 022

The race was at Grant Park and our route was on the lake front.  Geogeous 70 degrees and sunny – could not have asked for a better night.

9.14.17 024

And the scenery didn’t suck either šŸ˜€

9.14.17 064

Done!  My time was 46 minutes, but I didn’t start right when the gun went off, so my guess was 40 minutes – I jogged and walked when I had to – I didn’t push it too hard, and I felt great the whole time.

9.14.17 073

This is my co-worker Melissa and fellow Weight Watcher – we go to the same Saturday meetings because she lives out by me.  I remember meeting her last winter when started at the firm and I remember her telling me that she’d lost 20 pounds and felt so great.  Well, fast forward some months and she’s down EIGHTY POUNDS.  Yes, I am shouting because it’s that fricken awesome.  She’s stuck with it.  I know she still goes to Portillo’s, has ice cream, but she makes it work and her consistency has paid off.   I need to take some inspiration from her – I seem to go in waives of being fully committed, to being off the rails, and everywhere in between.  Someone at the WW meeting yesterday said that Christmas is in 15 weeks.  I don’t want to start the new year off where I was when I started.  Yesterday’s 5k was just the kick in the pants I needed to continue this journey.

9.14.17 037

We were provided Potbelly boxes – I had a sandwich (12) small bag of potato chips (4) two small cookies (4) and a pear.  I was hungry!  Yep, dinner set me back 20 points, but I was only over 5 for the day.

9.14.17 081

I always forget how gorgeous Chicago is at night.  So lucky to be able to work in such an awesome city.

9.14.17 086

I was getting ready for bed when I realized I was only 200 steps to 25,000 steps, so you better believe I hit it.  šŸ˜€

9.15.17 002

I am a tiny bit sore today, but tonight I am going to pull up a stretching video on demand – I know I didn’t stretch long enough before the run last night.


My daughter in law Liz has a new video out – green vegan posole!  Check it out.  I plan putting that on my menu next week, sans all the onions.  And instead of mushrooms, I may add shredded chicken.  šŸ˜€

And Chicago peeps!  I’ll be working at The Chopping Block on Saturday, September 30 from 10-6 at the Lincoln Square location – I could be working the grill or the register, or anywhere in between – if you are in the neighborhood, come by and say hello!  Click on this link for all the info on apple fest – it’s always fun!

Happy Friday – we made it!  I am babysitting for some friends tomorrow night so will be having party pizza Saturday tomorrow where we’ll build our own pizzas – the kids are 7 and 10, so I love sharing my love of cooking with kids.  And I am excited to see my friends new house – should be fun.  She’s the one that decorated my house – can you believe that was two years ago already?! 

Alright, time to do some blog reading before my train hits the station.  Make it a great day!