I have to give a happy birthday shout out to my long time blog friend Lynne, who I am happy that I’ve met in real life several times – when I get better we need to meet up again!  Hope you have an amazing day!

I haven’t had much of an appetite while being sick, because when I cough it tightens my stomach muscles and it’s just easier to have an empty stomach if that makes any sense?  But I started the prednisone yesterday and you had to eat food with it.  My sister gave me some Tumoro wraps and I made a breakfast wrap – I liked it!  I’ve seen people pan fry it like a corn tortilla to warm it up – I’m going to try it in my panini maker too.  This was 3 points: 1 for the wrap, 1 for the ham and 1 for the tablespoon of cheese.

I recently got a shipment of a LOT of Marion’s Kitchen marinades and holy balls is this delicious.  You can use them as a marinade, or a dip, or as a sauce, like I did for this pork and veggie stir fry I made for lunch.  When I wrap up my meat bin purchases, if I have a small cut of pork, I’ll usually mark the date and write SF to remind me it would be perfect for stir fry.  I sliced it frozen super thin, so this came together in just a few minutes.  You can find those sauces at Walmart (although mine is currently out of stock).  It’s only 1 point per tablespoon and one tablespoon was plenty.

My Aunt and her boyfriend sent me this bag of “exotic hot topping” and its amazing.  It’s like a fried bag of toppings:  garlic, sesame seeds, even fried shallots and its amazeballs.  I added a teaspoon to the top of my stir fry for some texture and it’s so good.

Lunch was 10 points – 6 for the 1 cup rice, 1 for the sauce and 3 for the pork.  Again, I said I wasn’t that hungry for lunch, but I ate every bite.

But this was how I spent the majority of my day.  On the couch.  I’d try to do some computer work since I was sitting still, and then I’d find myself falling asleep.  The dogs have LOVED having me home and they are the best snuggle bugs.

My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach for dinner.  I made more of my buffalo chicken bites – just 4 points for the chicken and 4 points for the fries.  I was only able to eat half (well, with the help of my grandpups!)

Rummy was more than happy to help me finish off the fries – the chicken was too spicy to share.

I have to give a shout out to my Momma too.  I bought her a container of crab meat for Christmas and she used some of it to make crab and shrimp enchiladas – how good do those look?!  I am going to have to try that – Mom, you’ll have to share the recipe!

So while I am at about 60%, I decided to tough it out and head to work today.  I figured I could work a day and then rest the next couple days, and hopefully be back to normal soon.

Thanks for all the well wishes!  Happy Friday.  Make it a great day!