I love summer fruit.  Even though I have to take more insulin for it, it’t totally worth it.  I mean, I would take more insulin for a Dairy Queen Peanut Buster Parfait (33 points by the way, not that I know that first hand, I looked it up for a friend!) – I think the blueberries on my banana buttermilk pancakes is a better choice.  Pancake (3), blueberries (0) Smuckers sugar free pancake syrup (1) and a hard boiled egg (1).

8.29.17 014

It’s the second day in a row that my sister couldn’t walk at lunch, which I think is bullshit.  Ha – just kidding Jenn – but hopefully you’ll be able to go to Weight Watchers today!  I just started walking north east – I normally set a time for 25 minutes on my phone and when it beeps, I turn around and head back to my office, which gives me 10 minutes to put my lunch together.

It was a gorgeous 75 degrees.

8.29.17 015

I had walked about 2o minutes and stumbled upon a Whole Foods I didn’t know was there (on Grand I think?).  Oh my Lord – so much good food!  I only bought dried parsley though, thank you very much.  But that fruit tart was giving me the stink eye saying “Biz, you know you want me!”  Well, duh!  (for the record, I’d take the fruit tart over the chocolate cake any day of the week).

8.29.17 020

Which reminds me that I need to make my mini fruit tarts again that I made for Cooking Club, those turned out amazing, and coming from someone who is more of a cook than a baker, I was so surprised these came out of my kitchen!

mini fruit tart

Hannah was off on Tuesday and when I told her I was going to make crock pot beef stew, she said she would have time to put it together.  I screen shot her a recipe that was initially meant to be cooked on top of the stove, but I knew she could just threw everything into the crock pot, set it on low and let it cook all day and it would turn out.  I didn’t screen shot her the final instruction, which is to add corn starch to cold beef broth to make a slurry to add to the stew the last half hour to make the sauce thick.

She’d been cleaning the house and when I got home, the first thing she said was “you got home early!”  It was 6:45.  The kitchen was still a bit of a disaster.  Our dishwasher has been broken, and with three of us to wash dishes, I just feel its necessary to replace it now.  But herein lies the problem.  I’ll start washing dishes and Hannah will say “Mom, I am off tomorrow, I’ll take care of it.”  But then she doesn’t and before you know it, there are three days worth of dishes.

She was upset that the stew didn’t work out to her liking, she was hungry, I added the corn startch mixture, and then just got the hell out of there and went to the gym. 

8.29.17 025

And magically, the corn starch mixture did its job while I was at the gym, and this was delicious.  10 smart points for two cups.  See how pretty the dried parsley looks on the dish?!   The only unauthorized ingredient was onions.  Hannah and Jacob both love onions, and when they thought the stew tasted like “beef water” before the slurry was added, they decided to add sliced onions to it.  I am thankful that the pieces were big and I could see them and pick them out.

8.29.17 029

No one signed up for night secretary, so I took a leisurely 2 mile walk to the softball field.  

8.29.17 037

I only played one inning, and I was totally fine with that.  We had plenty of people, and if we lost it would be our last game, and I wanted everyone who played all season to get more playing time.  It was still so much fun though!  We lost 19-18 (pitching duel!) and that ended our season.  I don’t care what I have to do next year, but I am getting out of night secretary on Wednesday’s so I can play the whole season.

I had 45 minutes until my train, so walked the 2 miles back to the train station with plenty of time to spare.

8.29.17 095

I felt it only appropriate to get a beer and chips for the ride home.  10 smart points by the way if you are keeping track.

8.29.17 099

It’s the third day in a row I’ve gotten 20k or more steps a day.  Nice!

8.29.17 100

I got home at 10, and was hungry, but knowing I was going to bed in an hour, didn’t want anything to heavy, so made this quick pizza bread.  Two slices of my homemade bread (4), 2 tablespoons pasta sauce, 2 ounces lite Trader Joe’s mozzarella (2) – broiled for a few minutes and topped with fresh basil.  6 points and hit the spot.

8.29.17 102

Even with my beer and chips, I was only 1 point over for the day – not too bad!  

8.29.17 107

It’s going to be another gorgeous day in Chicago – high of 72!  I have Weight Watchers at lunch today, so if I don’t have night secretary I might walk after work to take advantage of the weather and take a later train ride home.  We’ll see.

My boss is back today, so I will be busy.  Make it a great day!