I had my whole work day planned with my boss being out yesterday.  Until another secretary was sick yesterday.  I was asked to make some revisions to a document, and just like that, this attorney thought I was his all day.  It was fine, it made the day go by fast, but now my boss is coming back tomorrow, so I hope I get everything done today that I wanted.

With my boss gone, it was breakfast with a view!  Beef, berries and toast.  And for the record, I’ve never seen my boss sit in that chair and its so comfy!

8.29.17 018

Hannah bought these giant Mason jars a few months ago.  I love them and decided to track my water using it.  My goal was to drink four of these before I left the office – each one is 24 ounces.

8.29.17 020

It was drizzling a bit at lunch so I decided to walk the Chicago pedway.  There is an entrance in my building. But I quickly realized my pedway didn’t go to far – just across the street – to the food court in the State of Illinois building.  It smelled amazing – fried chicken, pizza and burgers – oh my!

8.29.17 025

I walked outside again and the rain held, so I walked towards the Aon building.  One of my sisters friends used to work in the building and as we were walking by it a couple weeks ago, she said there was so much stuff in the basement of this building she never had to leave – post office, Starbucks, tons of restaurants.  What?!

8.29.17 027

I brought a grilled chicken breast and rice for lunch, but wanted to accessorize my lunch with some veggies.  This Market Thyme is amazing – all these different food stations – sushi, panini, hot bar, salad bar, burgers, build your own stirfry.  Jenn, we have to go there for lunch one Friday.

8.29.17 030

I got $1.24 worth of grilled veggies to round out my lunch.  Delish!  I grilled a bunch of chicken breasts to use during the week.  If you do the same thing, undercook your meat by about 15% – no worries if the chicken is still pink in the middle when you finish grilling, when you reheat it for your meal, that will finish the cook on the chicken and it won’t be dried out.  #themoreyouknow šŸ˜€

8.29.17 036

I realized when I left work that I only had two of my mason jars of water.  I am sure I’ve mentioned this on here before, but you can always get free water at Starbucks.   Just ask for a Venti water – you don’t have to buy anything else šŸ˜€  I drank this on the train ride home.

8.29.17 042

Hannah was in deep cleaning mode when I got home from work.  She said “you came home too early!”  It was nearly 6:45 šŸ˜›  To get out of her way, I wasn’t hungry yet, so I went to get gas in my car and hit the gym.

8.29.17 049

Any other YouTube whores out there?!  OMG, I watched the kids version of The Voice from . . .GERMANY!  It was wonderful.   Because I had never seen any of those videos before, one video just scrolled into the next and before I knew it, I’d walked an hour.  At 6% incline, thank you very much.

8.29.17 052

While Hannah made a beef stew in the crock pot (which she didn’t like the recipe I found – I’ll talk about that in tomorrow’s blog) by the time I got home from the gym at 9:30 the thought of having beef stew right before going to bed didn’t sound good, so I made a grilled cheese.

I don’t make it to Trader Joe’s all that often – its probably only a 20 minute drive from my house, but it’s in a direction I never go in.  That will soon change, because this cheese is amazing.  I bought it a while back and forgot how tasty and melty it gets.  And a whole ounce is only 1 smart point.

8.29.17 057

1.5 ounces of my homemade rosemary bread (3), the cheese (1) and a teaspoon of whipped butter to grill it up (1).  Fruit  for dessert and this was a perfect light 5 point dinner an hour before I went to bed.

8.29.17 059

And Shelley, this one is for your – haven’t done any snapchat filters lately šŸ˜€

8.29.17 039

I hope to play softball tonight again.  I am night secretary, so that is the variable, but the game isn’t until 6:30, so I should be fine.  If we win tonight, we go to the playoffs next Wednesday and if we win that game – it’s a double header for the championship.   The weather is supposed to be gorgeous today, so we won’t get rained out.

And in case you are wondering what my blog post title is all about – it’s this.  I usually only have one cup of coffee a day during “pumpkin” season, but just found it at Sam’s Club over the weekend.  It’s nice to see you again old friend, even if you cost me two smart points PER TABLESPOON.  I forgive you. šŸ˜€

8.29.17 046