I got to the train station yesterday morning and as I pulled in the parking lot, I thought “hmmmm…something is weird here!”  There were only a handful of cars and for a second I thought “is it Saturday?!”

Nope, sadly a 49 year old woman took her life in front of a freight train on my line at 2:45 in the morning.  Because it was a freight train, the investigation took a lot longer than Metra, and they suggested finding “alternate routes” to get to work.  I had a busy day ahead of me, so I sucked it up, stopped and got a giant cup of coffee and thought I would drive to work.  

But one of the roads that gets me to the express way was closed due to the accident, and everyone was deverted to the other road, and well, I got nowhere fast.  I think I got .25 miles in 20 minutes – and have I mentioned I live 55 miles NW of Chicago?! 

The radio announcement said that the trains were moving, so I quickly got off the road I was on and went to the Barrington train station, which is two stops after my normal station.  I heard that a train was coming and that it was going to be express to Chicago, so I hightailed it up to the platform, paid for my parking (which is $3 not $1.50 in my town!) and realized . . . I didn’t have my phone.

Yes, the new phone that was replaced by my stolen phone earlier in the week.  I realized the train coming through wasn’t going to stop, but the next train that was coming through would be express.  I had all of about 60 seconds to run back to my car and see if I could find it, but I didn’t.  Damn.

I emailed the kadults when I got to work – they were working at various times during the day, Hannah doing paperwork at home because she was sick, but I asked if they had time, could they drive to the station, call my phone and see if I maybe dropped it when I was closing the door and that’s why I didn’t hear it?

I hadn’t heard from them all day and pretty much resigned myself that it was gone.  But as I was walking to work feeling sorry for myself, I passed by probably a dozen homeless people begging for money because they were hungry.  And here I was walking to work, that has hot coffee all the time thanks to our hospitality department, I have a job that pays me to keep a roof over my head and food on my table and well, suddenly I didn’t feel too sorry for myself!

At 4:00 p.m. Jacob called me to tell me they found the phone.  On top of my car.  But on top of the passenger side back door?  What the what?  I have no idea how I did that, but not 15 minutes after Jacob took this picture, it started to downpour – I really need to buy a lottery ticket tonight!!

My sister jointed me at WW yesterday after taking a bit of a summer hiatus.  She’s been house hunting, and her two oldest are both going to college and her youngest needed a passport to travel with a friend to Canada, so she’s been a bit stressed.  Even the leader said “Welcome back!” when she walked in.  We went to a salad bar place, and I got a giant salad and used Bolthouse Farms salsa verde avocado dressing – so good!  

I didn’t have to work night secretary because no one signed up, but for no apparent reason, the train left 30 minutes behind schedule, so I didn’t get home until nearly 7:30.

I made this quick dinner before heading to the gym.  I skipped my Insanity and plan to do that tomorrow and Sunday when I have more time.  The kadults order from this Chinese restaurant all the time and most of the time I think the food tastes like ass, but they love it.  They are notorious for not eating leftovers, so I was happy that the free “hibatchi” noodles that came with their order was still available.  So good!

3/4 cup of noodles with sauteed zucchini and steak for 9 smart points.  This was filling, yet I wasn’t stuffed so I could really push at my night time workout.

I started out with the Planet Fitness 30 minute Biggest Loser circuit – that is so hard, but I love it!

Then did 5 minutes of ropes – holy balls, have you tried this before?  I actually do 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest for 5 minutes, so really I am only doing 2 1/2 minutes of ropes, but my arms are like jelly just after that.  Then I finished it off with 30 minutes on the stair master.

Hannah is sick, so she rested at home – poor thing.  Colds usually hit her really hard – she was off yesterday and took a 6 hour nap during the day!  

Last November was when I started going to the WW meetings downtown since I was working downtown – it made sense, and I was able to finally meet my long time blog friend Amanda in real life.  She and I have been following each other for years.  

Mind you, I had been on Weight Watchers all of 2016, yet was constantly trying to “beat the system.”  Wondering how much wine I could drink, or pizza and work out enough so that I could still show a loss on the scale each week.  Um, turns out you can’t do that.  It wasn’t until this year that I finally realized I had to treat the weekend like I do the weekday.  Go to bed around the same time, get up at the same time (okay, I do sleep in until 7:30!) and not do great Monday through Friday only to scream “it’s the weekend!” and not track a single thing I ate or drank, only to get “back on” on Monday.

This year hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve been more consistent on the program than I have been in years.  When I lost 70 pounds back in 1999, it took me 15 months.  I am down nearly 20 pounds from that pic on the left, and have 23 pounds to go to hit my first goal of 140.  If I keep at it, I may just make it there by December 31! 

My ultimate goal is to be between 130-135, since that’s at the high end of my weight range for my height.  Oh, and to be a Spotlight with Oprah on Connect by my 50th birthday.  That’s totally going to happen.  I mean, I’ve already met her once, so she’s sure to have remembered me, right?  

I hope you have an amazing weekend, can always find the positive when things don’t go your way, and be thankful to be alive!  Make the most of it 😀  Hugs!