There was another pedestrian incident on my train line this morning.  I decided to drive to work, but got no where fast because the roads around where the accident happened were closed, so traffic was backed up. 

I heard the train lines were moving again, went to the train station two after my usual stop, got on the platform and . . .no phone.  I had about 60 seconds to run back to my car to see if it was in there, but didn’t see it right off the bat, and had to catch the train.

Not sure if I should laugh or cry if I lost that damn phone after having it a whole day!

So I couldn’t log onto my laptop on the train ride in, but the good news is that I caught an express train which got me to work on time and its a beautiful day out.  Gotta keep riding the positive waves!

Make it a great day!


8.9.17 035

Lunch – which wasn’t very good – back to the drawing board on this ground turkey bolognese:

8.9.17 044

Worked late, so no gym or insanity, but I made this delicious 7 smart point pizza:

8.9.17 056

I used my vegan pita dough – so good on my baking steel!

8.9.17 059

Send your good vibes that my phone is in my car!