I felt good going into WI yesterday.  The only day I didn’t track was on 4th of July.  But here’s the thing.  I made the food.  I wasn’t at a BBQ where I pigged out on potato salad, and had one of everything from the dessert table.  We had ribs (I had 4 “bones”) an orzo salad, corn on the cob and mini angel food cakes (3 points each) with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

I had a two point breakfast that day, and made a shrimp cocktail picky tray for lunch for us to share.  I did have some cheese, I did have wine, but I had 20 points going into our dinner, plus my weekly 35 smart points, so I felt it was okay to relax a bit.

I walked FIFTY miles last week.  And I finished Day 10 of Insanity the night before.  So it stung a bit to see a rise on the scale.

7.6.17 008

I posted this on my Instagram page, and everyone is telling me that it’s water weight, or muscle building.  This is where I need to dig deep and keep doing what I am doing.  The old me would just say F it, and go back to eating anything and everything.  But I’ve got goals, I am steering my boat forward, and I’ll eventually get to goal.

I wore my weekly weight watchers outfit to WI, so when I got to work I got dressed.  I do feel smaller and tighter.  Not so jiggly if you know what I mean.  At 164 pounds I am still 34 pounds higher than the highest weight for my height, which is 130.  That is not my goal by the way.  My goal is 140, I think that’s maintainable at my age.  So I still have 24 pounds to go, but if I just keep on keeping on, I could hit goal by the end of the year!  And your welcome for the bathroom selfie šŸ˜€

7.6.17 006

I then put my breakfast together.  It’s funny because since I am relatively new to this firm, and since our move have new people on my floor that I didn’t know before, they are always like “did you just make that here?”  Um, dud!  I kid – but this was delicious – One cup of scrambled egg whites (1), topped with 4 tablespoons of my homemade blackbean and corn salsa (2), Joseph’s pita (1) and 1/2 a mini container of Wholly Guacamole (2). 

7.6.17 009

I went back to the WW meeting at lunch – the topic was being assertive.  It was interesting to see what people said when the leader asked what you thought of someone who was assertive – some words were:  bossy, demanding, jerk even!  But some people associated assertive with positive notes: confident, self-assured, bold even.  Don’t be afraid to ask what you want!  Whether that’s a little less t.v. time at night so you can go walking with your family, or how to order your dinner at a restaurant – it never hurts to ask!

I normally get my curry chicken at Rock n Roll Thai at the Farmers Market on my way back to my office, since I don’t have time to put anything together.  They were out of it, so I got this char siu pork noodle dish.  After picking it apart and putting it into my WW app, that portion there is 10 points.

7.6.17 015

After I took more than half the noodles out, that easily could be another 8 points!  I brought those home for Hannah because I knew she’d like them.

7.6.17 021

I can’t believe I am asking this, but what vegetable is this??   Spinach?  Bok Choy?  The top is leafy like spinach, but the stalk was kind of thick – it was delicious!  I need to make this at home, but double the veggies šŸ˜€

7.6.17 022

My blood sugar was all over the place yesterday.  As I was leaving the office it was 72.  I knew I wanted to do Insanity when I got home, so I had two tablespoons of granola (yes I have measuring spoons/cups at my desk!) and a banana for 2 points.

7.6.17 023

7.6.17 025

And ate an apple on the train ride home.  I pulled up the beach body app and saw that it was Pure Cardio last night – that made me nervous!  It wasn’t until last night after I worked out and finally printed out the monthly calendar that I realized I’ve been doing the workouts out of order – I was going in the order listed on the app, so last night should have been cardio recovery – so I’ll be doing that one tonight, then will be back on track.

7.6.17 027

My favorite part of pure cardio?  The football drills – wide stance jog, turn to the right, turn to the left, go into a starting race stance, then sprint!  I used to be a sprinter in high school, so I love that part.

7.6.17 041

Dinner was quick and easy – I had leftover Greek chicken so made a Greek chicken pita (1), 4 ounces chicken (3), tablespoon of tzatziki (1) and spinach, radish and red cabbage with strawberry and blackberry fruit salad Hannah made.

I don’t always check my blood sugar right before bed, I switch it up.  But I got up to go to the bathroom around 12:45 and I felt . . . off.  I checked my blood sugar and it was 422!  Jesus.  I never checked it after working out, and while usually at that time of night, my blood sugar goes down, it may have spiked for no reason at all.  So I took some fast acting insulin to bring it down.  And an hour later work up and it wa 68.  I ate two oranges and went back to bed.  And woke up an hour later and it was 55.  So I ate two more oranges.  This morning when I woke up?  311!  So crazeballs. 

And just so you know, I do email these strange anomolies in my blood sugar to my doctor.  Just some days diabetes likes to take control and I have to punch it in the face šŸ˜€

So we made it to Friday!  It’s a gloomy day this morning.  My sister has been, ahem, “off-plan” for the last few weeks, and while today is Food Fun Friday, I am going to see if she wants to go to Food Rivival Hall – I have a taste for the Brown Bag Seafood Company Power Box – they have blackened shrimp over a quinoa/wild rice blend over baby spinach with lemon.  Yum!  

I have to balance it out because I am having pizza tonight – my pizza dough is on Day 10 in the fridge, it’s going to be extra delicious because of that.  #drool

Hope your Friday goes by fast – enjoy the weekend!