My Mom had her semi-annual concert yesterday, and even though my brother was just in India, flew home, was home maybe 48 hours before heading back to Chicago to surprise my Mom.

My sister-in-law and niece had driven in days before, with the premise that they were going on a road trip while my brother was traveling.  They spent some time with Laura’s family in Iowa, then headed to Chicago.

His flight didn’t get in until nearly 9 on Friday night.  I left work, took the train home, was home for all of 30 minutes before I made the 90 minute trip (with Friday night traffic), to pick him up.

My niece was following our GPS in the car, so she unlocked the backed door while they were watching t.v. in her living room.  My brother and I just slipped in, started playing “Heads Up” until my Mom walked into the kitchen.

The look on her face was priceless!  She was so shocked.  You know, mostly because I was there – duh.  Being Mom’s favorite and all.  

I spent the weekend at my Mom’s house and we laughed, ate, talked, and repeated until it was time to part ways.

Here is the group picture from my Mom’s concert yesterday.  Love.

Um, would it be a bizzy weekend if I wasn’t bizzy in someones kitchen?!

Charlie was my prop holder – he didn’t actually drop that – it was just for the laughs – but Saturday night I made chicken fajitas and made a side dish of quinoa and black beans – I pretended that I was on Chopped and only used stuff that my Mom had on hand.  I was shocked when I saw the quinoa, unopened – and my Mom told me later she bought it for a recipe and then never got around to making it.  Score!

I’ll post the above recipe tomorrow, but I made quinoa and black bean cakes and served it with spinach scrambled eggs on top – holy balls, that turned out so good!

I saw that Tieghan from Half Baked Harvest updated her naan recipe by adding a garlic herbed butter.  Swoon.  But her recipe, while amazeballs, makes an 11 point naan – which I am sure is pretty spectacular, but not sure I want to spend nearly half my points for the day on naan.

Again, with the premise of only using what my Mom had on hand (which included not having any yeast, garlic powder or onion salt – but she has whole cloves!), I came up with this 2 point naan (well, 2.5, but let’s round down, shall we?!).  I made an herbed butter with a tablespoon of melted butter and Dak’s green zest seasoning.  It was perfect!  So tender, fluffy and much more WW friendly.

I’ll also post my fajita seasoning later this week as well.  This picture of course was taken on Saturday, when it was 60 degrees and there was no snow on the ground.  I made a fajita salad with shredded lettuce and roasted peppers.

And of course we had to play around with snap chat filters!  While my hair is growing, I always contemplate cutting it short.  We’ll see!  But I won’t die it purple. 😀

I went to Goodwill on Saturday while my brother was napping.  Sadly my niece Sarah and my daughter weren’t with me, because they are always up for a Goodwill trip!   I bought a few tops, and a new pair of shoes!  When I texted this picture below to Hannah, her response was “you finally have a pair of shoes that are work appropriate!”  That I forgot to put in my laundry basket and they are still at my Mom’s house.  Mom, can you bring them over on Easter Sunday?  Thank you 😀

My niece Rachel was the iPhone photographer – thanks Rachel!  

I am on the WW connect (which is like Facebook for WW) and sometimes I read that people are saying things like “once I get to goal weight, I am going to do A, B, and C.”  Why wait?!  Life is too short.  

The journey is the goal!  Enjoy the ride – be goofy, take chances, and choose to be happy with the body you have right this moment.

Happy Monday friends.  A new day, a fresh start, another day to be alive.  

Now go have a kick ass day!  And don’t eat like an asshole.  Love, Biz