Thank you so much for all your kind words on yesterday’s post – from long time readers who reached out to me, sending me text messages DM on Facebook, leaving comments here, you have no idea how much I appreciate your support!

This was the temperature while I was waiting for the train yesterday morning.  #perfect

6.26.17 002

Since I planned food for my neighbors get together on Saturday night and then had my Mom over, I never did a full grocery shop this week.  But turns out I have plenty of food in my house, and plan on calling this week “Chopped!”  I’ll just pretend every meal I make is like I am on an episode of Chopped.

I went freezer diving and found some leftover waffles, so a waffle sammie was breakfast – 4 points for the waffle, 1 point for the egg whites, 2 for the cheese, and 1 for the sugar free syrup.   8 smart points for breakfast.

6.26.17 005

My sister and I got our walking shoes on at lunch – it was still only 68 degrees downtown and glorious.  We decided to walk west on the River Walk and it have us some amazing views.

6.26.17 014

6.26.17 015

That’s the building that The Chopping Block was in – I miss working there!  I follow several of my former co-workers on Instagram and I miss seeing all the cool food they make.  Speaking of The Chopping Block, a customer sent a message to TCB about my Everything Quiche!  You can find that recipe here – so good if I do say so myself. Open-mouthed smile


6.26.17 017

So remember all the leftover butternut squash from my “tray of happiness?”  That made it’s way into this leftover steak and butternut squash summer salad.  It had cucumbers, carrots, radish, strawberries, beef and butternut squash.  It was nearly perfect, the only thing it needed was a bit of crunch with some nuts or croutons, but delicious nonetheless.  This was 8 smart points.

6.26.17 024

Hannah has yet to send back the wrong cable cord to Amazon to switch it with the corret one so that I can play DVD’s on the big t.v. in my living room.  So until then, I bit the bullet and orderd the Beachbody On Demand for a 14 day free trial.  After 14 days it’s only $39 every three months, or I could buy a whole year for $99.  We shall see.  Several of my WW Instagram friends did Shaun T week, so I started there.  Yesterday’s workout was 33 minutes long. 

6.26.17 031

6.26.17 032

Oh good Lord, look at all that gray hair!  I promise it was a tough workout – I just didn’t sweat as much because I had all the windows open, it was windy and 61 degrees.  I am definitely feeling some muscles in my quads that I haven’t felt in a while.  Even though I walk a lot, this is a whole different ball game.  It felt good being back with my buddy Shaun T!

Hannah and Jacob get Chinese food at least once a week and never eat any leftovers.  Like ever.  I always ask them why they even bother putting the leftovers in the fridge when I just throw them out two weeks later.  While I don’t eat their leftover Chinese food (just way too salty these days for me) I will gladly take their leftover fried rice.  

1 cup of leftover rice (6), 3 ounces leftover beef (3), one cooked egg, chopped (2) and 1 tablespoon of House of Tsang spicy Szechwan sauce (1).  This was super filling!  The only downside is that I never checked my blood sugar before eating.  Normally working out later in the day drops my blood sugar, but every once in a while it spikes it – if I could figure out why I’d be a millionaire.  So I did my workout, took insulin for the amount of food I ate, and before I went to bed my blood sugar was 311 – yikes!

Note to self – check blood sugar after the night time workout.  #damndiabetes 😛

6.26.17 034

It’s another gorgeous cool day in Chicago, so I’ll be getting my walking shoes on at lunch.  It’s supposed to rain the next few days so I may walk home from the train station to take advantage of the weather while I can.  I am in a Fitbit weekly challenge and I am a tad bit competitive. 😀  

Tonight I am going to try to make butternut squash tots with my turkey burger.  In my head they turn out good – we’ll see! 

Thanks again for taking time out of your day to check in on my little tiny part of the internet – I appreciate you!  Hugs!

Now go make it a great day!