I had a great week last week.  So many non-scale victories!

  • drinking water instead of wine (that will change tonight 😀 )
  • fitting and more importantly ZIPPING up a pair of size 10 jeans
  • walking both Saturday and Sunday
  • buying myself flowers on the anniversary of my first date with Tony instead of eating 1/2 a box of donuts and a deep dish pizza
  • blue dot streak for the first week in June 
  • I ate really good food!  It was the first time I grilled salmon and it turned out delicious (still need to post that recipe!)

6.8.17 016

So gaining .2 is nothing.  After a loss of 3.8 last week, I knew no matter how well I did the scale probably wouldn’t move much, and I am totally okay with that.  The advice I give everyone on Connect or IG if they are upset about not having a loss?  What you did the last 7 days won’t show up on the scale exactly on the 7th day.  When I lost 70 pounds back in 1999, I had TEN weeks of no loss or gain, but guess what?  In 15 months I lost 70 pounds – I stuck with it.  There is no end to this way of living, it’s called life, and really in the end, the number on the scale doesn’t tell any part of my story as a whole.  

The waffles in the above picture were my breakfast yesterday – the carrot cake waffles.  I made another batch the night before last.  These are definitely my new favorite waffle.  

I loved the WW meeting yesterday – people actually talked!  It wasn’t until I read your comments late last night on yesterdays post that it didn’t really dawn on me that locking the door was probably against a fire code, especially since it’s in the basement of a building!

One of the members is an older woman who purposely buys clothes too small, which gives her incentive to get into those articles of clothes.  She had a “white” party to go to, where everyone wheres white, and bought a dress in January that she wanted to wear.  And sure enough, by the time the party came around, she not only fit into the dress, but it was even a bit loose.  She said she basked in the compliments – love that story!

We also talked about vacations.  Typically, every year when vacation comes around, I don’t track a thing.  I’ll eat and drink pretty much anything and everything and deal with the weight gain when I get back.  My friend Kim just went on a cruise with her family for 5 days.  She gained 6 pounds and she fully expected that to be some “water” weight and she’d lose it in a couple weeks.  Well, it’s been 5 weeks and she’s only lost 1 pound of it, which made her realize that her choices in those 5 days continue to linger 5 weeks later.

So when I visit my family this summer in July, I am going to get my walking in, and choose a treat a day – it may be potato chips and dip, it may be ice cream, or it may be a pork sandwich, and still track.  I’ll also only be gone 5 days and I don’t want my choices those 5 days to linger like my friend’s did – so thank you for inspiring me to make better choices on my vacation!

I picked up Freshii’s lemongrass soup.  I chose not to get a protein and that was a mistake.  I was hungry within a couple hours of eating this.  This also was a bit more sweet than I remember – still spicy, but definitely something sweet in the broth.  I really need to make this at home.  

6.8.17 019

I was night secretary last night and I had two attorneys sign up.  I finished at 6:10 and the last express train was at 6:25.   Have I mentioned that the train station is .7 miles from my office?  I managed to make it, running the last four blocks, only to have the train be delayed half way home for 20 minutes, so I didn’t get home until just after 8 p.m.

Jennie-O to the rescue for dinner!   I am a 2017 Ambassador with Jennie-O and every month I get a shipment – this month is turkey burgers.  These were delicious!  I really can’t wait to try these on the grill.  Each 1/3 pound burger is only 6 smart points, 250 calories and 25 grams of protein.  There are absolutely no fillers in these either – 0 grams of carbs.  And these don’t shrink like beef burgers, so look at how giant my burger was!

I used a 2 point Healthy Life bun, 1 ounce light Trader Joe’s cheese, sauteed mushrooms, a tiny bit of mustard (!) and the other half of my leftover baked potato from Wednesday night and made pan fried fries with 1/2 teaspoon of ghee to get them crispy.

6.8.17 042


6.8.17 043

I am looking forward to tonight!  My husband’s nephews are coming over tonight – Bob and his wife Izzy and their two kids and Chris and a lady friend of his (not sure if its a girl friend or not, but we’ll see!)   I am kind of doing a grilled meat palooza – apple marinated pork tenderloin, chicken wings, knockwurst.  I am having my homemade salsa with chips and a fruit platter for appetizers, and I am making skinny strawberry shortcake for dessert.

It will be nice to see them – it’s been too long.  But I’ve realized that you have to make plans happen, and I am going to continue that mantra this summer before it gets away from me.

Happy Friday!  What’s on tap for your weekend?  I hope it’s filled with great friends, family and food.  Hugs!