I hadn’t had a breakfast baked potato in the longest time.  So good and such a great way to use up leftovers.  I used half of my baked potato from the dinner out the night before, scooped out the potato and scrambled that with spinach, then stuffed that back into the potato skin.  When I got to work I added an ounce of chopped steak from my kebob and added an ounce of Trader Joe’s lite mozzarella.  Six points for the whole plate, filling and delicious.

6.7.17 010

Here’s the breakdown:

6.7.17 012

My nephew came to work with my sister to do some stuff around her office.  He’s worked there doing odd jobs before, so I couldn’t not take advantage of seeing him.  Sadly, he doesn’t like to have his picture taken, so I can’t show you the evidence, but we sat next to each other!  He also squeezed me really tight when we hugged – he normally doesn’t do that either!

Since I was going to my WW Focus event after work, I decided to stagger my afternoon food.  I met them at Freshii, and just asked for a side of salmon.  According to the WW app, this was 5 smart points.  It wasn’t bad for fast food salmon!  I had my sister try it, she still said it tasted too fishy – thanks for trying it though!

6.7.17 017

Later I had a small plate of fruit.  I used some of the Trader Joe’s lime chili seasoning on the pineapple – so good!

6.7.17 021

6.7.17 024

Then later had a small bag of veggie straws for 3 points.  Finally around 4:30 I heated up my beef and tofu stir fry, using the last of the beef from my dinner kebobs – three meals!  

6.7.17 031

I was so excited to go to the WW Focus meeing.  The tag line sold me alone:  “Even with the best intentions, it’s easy to get stuck in old patterns.”  I had a few weeks a couple weeks ago where I was just “out of whack” if that makes any sense.  I was snacking too much, mindlessly eating at night, those patterns were coming back.  Luckily I was able to steer myself around starting the weekend of Memorial Day.  But I was interested in having conversations with other members on what tips, tricks, etc. did they use to get the focus back.

6.7.17 032

I walked in, there were about 7 women there with the instructor, and I smiled and said “is everyone ready to get focused?!”  Crickets.  No one said anything, no one laughed.  So I just sat down.  A few minutes later the instructor asked people to check in, get their name tag, and sit down.

We were asked a minimum of four times to not only silence our phones, but to turn them off completely.  I did that on the first request.  The leader said she was going to wait a couple minutes for some other people and would keep saying “seriously, this is not a suggestion, you NEED to turn your cell phones off completely.”  Okay, got it!

Then when the program began, she said it’s not going to be like your typical WW meeting, mainly because there wasn’t going to be much talking.  We were going to do meditation type stuff, and as soon as I heard that it wasn’t going to be an interactive event, I could feel myself checking out.

She had us close our eyes.  “Now start to smile, just enough to relax your face.  Now think of parts of your body that need a smile too.  We are going to work our way down our spine, to our spleen, our pancreas, our left lung, just feel the smiles radiating through your body…”  After that exercise we were asked to turn to page 8, where there was a blank page, and draw a picture of how we are feeling right at that moment – feeling all the smiles in all the parts of our body.

That’s when I checked out.  I couldn’t sit through another 45 minutes of that.  Don’t get me wrong, I think there were some women who were totally getting into it, but it just wasn’t for me.  A quick peek at the clock on the wall told me I could make the 6:25 train (which is express!) so I picked my bags up, mouthed “thank you” to the instructor, and had to be let out of the room because it was locked. 

6.7.17 036

6.7.17 045

6.7.17 055

6.7.17 063

As soon as I got home, I changed my clothes and went to MY happy place, which is walking.  I smiled as the sunset hit my face, looked at the fish in the river, listened to dogs barking in the distance, watched boats on the water.  I even did sprints!  (check out my last Instagram post – even took a video of that!).   It was glorious.

So if meditation is your thing, by all means, try the WW focus group.  Maybe it will help you with your self-awareness.  I guess I thought I’d talk to other women and ask “what helps you not stop at CVS on your way home and buy gummie bears?!” 

I had leftover chicken that needed to be used up, so chicken tacos for the win!  People ask me all the time how I get my tacos crispy, and the answer is coconut oil spray.  Hannah bought this at Aldi, but people on Instagram said they have even found it at the dollar store.  It has a higher smoke point, so I can cook the tacos at a higher temperature.

6.7.17 066

6.7.17 072

I am curious, how many of you mediate?  On a daily basis – weekly, monthly. . . never?!   Maybe I should give it another try?!

I am on my way to WW to weigh on – again, not sure how I’ve done since I don’t have a scale at home that works, but I got all blue dots for the week, even over the weekend, I didn’t have any wine, and no gummy bears at all.  But I did leave 25 weekly points on the table, which I normally use.

You’ll just have to check out my Instagram later today to find out. šŸ˜€  Or wait until tomorrow when I post it here. šŸ˜€

Make it a great day!