I woke up Sunday morning to my Timehop.  It reminded me that 17 years ago yesterday was the first day with my husband.  Can you believe he not only remembered but also posted it on social media?! 

6.4.17we 205

Long time readers will know that my husband’s name was Jeff, not Tony like I posted here on the blog – however, I called him Tony a lot too!   In fact the most googled thing about “my bizzy kitchen” is “my bizzy kitchen husband.”

6.4.17we 268

I miss him!  That picture was taken in 2004 – Tony would have been 44 years old, or just 5 years younger than I am now.  I would have been 36.  Bonnie (my MIL) I’ll be sure to email you this picture, as I am sure you’ve not seen it! 

As I lie in bed thinking about him, I thought of all things – carrot cake.  It was his favorite cake on his birthday and I made it every year.  It was my step-sons favorite one too – except Joe didn’t like raisins or nuts in his cake – just carrot cake with butter cream frosting.  So in honor of my husband, I made carrot cake protein waffles on the 17th anniversary of our first date, instead of heading to Dunkin Donuts for two apple fritters. 

6.4.17we 209

Letting the batter sit for a few minutes lets the baking powder do its magic and you’ll be rewarded with fluffy waffles and pancakes every time.

6.4.17we 210

I had my waffle with 1 tablespoon bacon bits (1), strawberries and 1 tablespoon of real maple syrup (2).

6.4.17we 226

I could have gone the other way and just eaten like shit to deal with the sadness, or drink half a box of wine.  But instead, I bought myself flowers, because he would have bought me flowers.  Just a $3.99 bouquet from Trader Joe’s, but I chose to be kind to myself and not drown myself in food and wine.

6.4.17we 247

And I walked it out.  On Saturday I walked for an hour and fifteen minutes, and yesterday I walked for an hour before my blood sugar started dropping and had to come back home.

6.4.17we 100

And Saturday, I went thrifting and not only fit into a pair of size 10 jeans, they also zipped!  Although, they are a bit tight, but they were on the $1 rack so you better believe I bought them!  Another 5-10 pounds loss and they will fit comfortably.

6.4.17we 119

6.4.17we 121

I am so proud of myself.  Proud that while I was sad and may have cried a bit while making the waffles in the house by myself, I let the emotions out, instead of filling myself with food.  #nsv for sure!!!

This popped up on Saturday on Instagram, but thought I’d share it here for Motivation Monday.   I especially like #1 – not that my past was bad, but I have to let go with the “what ifs” in order to be happy.  

Which number resonates with you?  Make it a Marvelous Monday!

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