I know I am going to get called out on my soup not being a true “ramen” but it has a spicy broth, has noodles, so I am going to call it quick pork ramen! 

But first, I have to tell you guys I am working for The Chopping Block on Saturday, December 9!  It’s the One of a Kind Show at the Merchandise Mart and I’ll be working the booth there.  Not sure what we are selling this year – last year we did our signature powdered hot chocolate mix, and jalapeno gold – which is amazing.   The Merchandise Mart is just blocks from my office and I pass near it on my walk to my office from the train station.

11.29.17 045

I’ll be spending Friday night downtown so I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning.  Any Chicago peeps want to meet for dinner on Friday, December 8?  Let me know!

My eats were so uneventful yesterday I never even took pics – another hard boiled egg picky plate for breakfast and more chili for lunch.  For some reason though I was STARVING when I got on the train at 6:30, so I picked up this “snack wrap” turkey roll up for the train ride home.

11.29.17 048

The secret to this quick ramen is these noodles – they literally cook in about 10 seconds.  I found them on the Asian aisle at my local grocery store.

11.29.17 079

I only use half a serving per bowl and that is plenty of noodles.

11.29.17 080

I defrosted a 4 ounce pork chop and while my broth simmered, I cooked my pork chop about 80%, because I knew I would be adding the pork back in the hot broth to finish cooking.  Since I used regular chicken broth, I only seasoned the pork chop with this sriracha pepper.  I really need to go back to Walmart and clear the shelves of this pepper, its so good!

11.29.17 082

11.29.17 075


We are closing in on the third anniversary of Tony’s death.  Three years ago yesterday we were preparing to bring him home for hospice.  I don’t think I thanked many people at the time about how generous they were about reaching out to me, but I sent a thank you to blog reader Anne, who obviously didn’t know me in person, just through the blog, but she said “if there is anything I can do, just ask!”  

I thanked her via Facebook last night, and she replied with this:

11.29.17 056

Thank you Anne!  Now if that isn’t pure proof to Tony that internet friends CAN be friends without seeing each other in person, I don’t know what more proof is needed.

My goal this year is to send handwritten thank you notes, because I am not sure I ever did that – I was in a bit of a fog for several months after he died.  

Happy Thursday – make it a great day!  Let me know if you try this soup 😀